tanned woman in tanning salon - 6 things you need to take to tanning salon

If you visit a tanning studio just from time to time you may be wondering what to take with you. Actually your first question may be if you need anything at all. We asked people who use tanning beds regularly about their  habits and stuff they pack into their bags of that we created a list of tanning essentials.

1. Eye protective goggles

Eye protection is one of the most crucial precautions for every tanner. Never use a tanning bed without wearing eye protection. First of all, the skin around eyes is very sensitive and vulnerable to UV radiation and closing your eyes is not enough because UV light can get through eyelids. Secondly, overexposure to UVB and UVA can lead to swelling of the eye, irritation, and - more acutely - to damaging your cornea and retina, as well as problems with color perception. Some of the disorders caused by such excessive exposure cannot be removed even by surgery. To sum it up, invest in a pair of professional tanning goggles and always bring them with you. Make sure they have been certified and safety tested to give appropriate protection. 

2. A bottle of water

The temperature inside the tanning bed is usually quite high. It is a completely normal reaction for your body to sweat. You should be ready to replenish the hydration level by drinking a few gulps of water when you leave the tanning bed.

3. A towel and a deodorant

For the same reason you should carry a bottle of water, equip yourself with a towel and a deodorant. It feels better when you can refresh yourself by toweling off the sweat and spraying a deodorant over your body. Refreshing wet wipes may also come in handy.

4. A professional tanning lotion

In other words: a real tanning must-have for those who want to tan smart. There are several features which make them so necessary while tanning. First of all, they maximize the desired tan effect. If you opt for products formulated with bronzing ingredients, such as DHA or erythrulose, you can expect the effect of a darker hue which continues to develop for a few hours after UV exposure. Some products can be enriched with components which give an instant result; sometimes these are natural colorants, such as juglone, walnut extract or caramel. We call these product Black Bronzers. For those who prefer bronzing without colorants we have a wide variety of White Bronzers.


Of course not all tanners are so keen on using bronzers-enriched lotions and look for products which accelerate the tanning process by melanin stimulation. This group of products is called intensifiers or enhancers and using them is the best way to achieve the perfectly golden, off-the-beach tan effect. Tyrosine, or its variation, targets melanin production for dark tanning results without the use of bronzers and with no risk of streaks or stains. By clicking this link you can get to know our bestselling intensifiers. You may be wondering if these products can be applied to both face and body.

Well, the choice is yours. All the products we launch are 100% safe, tested and certified but the rule of applying the body lotion to your face is the same as with any other skin nourishing moisturizer or butter so if you use the same product to care for your body and face, you can do the same with our products. However, if you feel your facial skin needs more attention, we encourage you to try our facial bronzing intensifier Anti-Aging.

It is very lightly scented, softly enhances the sun-kissed look on your face and aids in preventing premature aging. If you have any tattoos, make sure they are protected during every tanning bed session. A lotion designed to empower your tan and protect your tattoos at the same time is Tattoo, our groundbreaking bronzing intensifier enriched with a unique formula composed of precious oils and fruit extracts which keep your colors strong and naturally shielded. All experienced tanners know that there is no need to choose between a tanning bed and tattoos protection when they apply such a product on their skin.

5. A lipstick

Your lips are a very sensitive area of your face. They contain fewer melanocytes so they are unable to protect themselves against UV light in a sufficient extent. All professional tanners recommend using a lip balm, preferably with an SPF 20 or higher, prior to a tanning session. 

6. A band-aid

This may seem weird and it has nothing to do with the risk of hurting yourself in a tanning salon. This little adhesive object may turn out to be useful if you want to cover your moles or beauty marks when you tan.  An important note: if you have any strange looking beauty marks, it is wise to get your doctor or dermatologist to take a look at them. Anytime you are worried that a mole looks suspicious, it is really worth the peace of mind to get an appointment.


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