Onyx's strongest tanning accelerator


Enhance your tan with our latest tanning product.

The strongest accelerator we've ever created provides a beautiful tan after just one session.

Through the use of Tyrosine, Sesame Oil, and Walnut Extract, the tan appears faster and lasts longer, leaving you with radiant skin for many days.

Volume: 8.5 fl. oz.



Bronzer tanning lotions are one of the most popular and most frequently chosen tanning lotions for tanning beds. But what do tanning bronzers do? Thanks to bronzing ingredients, such as DHA and erythrulose, which work to intensify your tan for several hours after each tanning session, the final effect will meet the expectations of even the most demanding tanning enthusiasts.

Onyx Vibe Tanning Lotion - Accelerator for Extreme Skin Moisturizing and Gradual Tan


If you love to tan as much as we do, then tanning intensifiers are just for you! But let’s start from the beginning - there are plenty of reasons why to use a tanning accelerator. First of all, it gives you a faster tan that lasts longer and leaves your skin smooth and fresh. So, the next question is: what does a tan intensifier do? Keep on reading to find out how does a tanning intensifier work and what a tanning accelerator is.

Sunlessence Self Tanning Drops for Face and Mousse Tanning pump bottle


Self-tanner - how does it work? Our natural tanning Drops create a beautiful tan without leaving your home. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) - an ingredient of natural origin - reacts with the amino acids of the epidermis, coloring the skin. No more than just a few drops are enough to transform your favorite moisturizer or serum into a perfectly matched self tanner! Thanks to top quality ingredients, Sunl'essence bronzing drops guarantee a subtle and natural tan while keeping your skin looking healthy.

Tingle Tanning Lotions for Indoor Tanning Beds Tanned Man


If you are looking for the best tingle lotion, look no more! The warm tingle effect breaks the natural barrier of tanning, giving you the darkest tan you could have ever imagined! So, what is a tanning lotion with a tingle effect? Products in this series intensely warm the skin and cause a slight tingling sensation, stimulating the skin to achieve a deep tan.


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FAQ about Tanning

How to Tan More Effectively? How to Choose the Right Tanning Cosmetics? What Are the Recommendations for Tanning?

We Present the Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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How does tanning work?

Tanning beds use ultraviolet (UV) light to tan people. There are three types of UV; UVA, UVB, and UVC. Tanning beds are designed to concentrate optimal levels of UVA in conjunction with very low percentages of UVB, on the outermost layers of skin so as to stimulate the production of Melanin pigment, which is slightly pink in it’s dormant state, and cause it to turn brown after excretion. The more melanin cells that are present in the skin determine the amount of pigment that will be excreted and distributed, and therefore the extent of the tan. Tanning beds are designed to filter this UVC, as this is a harmful type of UV.

How often am I allowed to tan?

It is suggested a 24-hour time period to pass between tanning sessions. Pigmentation and/or over-exposure may not be fully visible for 12 to 24 hours after your original session. Two tanning session within a 24 hour period could result in an unintentional burn. Ask your salon for any specific requirements.

What causes the scent that I smell after tanning?

In a word, “melanin” is the cause. Ultraviolet light in the UVA range causes melanin to enlarge and turn brown. During the process, dermatologists say a chemical reaction takes place. A natural side effect of the reaction is the aroma. This occurrence is normal whether you've been tanning inside or outside. Some tanning lotions have been designed to minimize or prevent the odor from occurring, but ultimately a shower will remove the odor.

Do I really need to wear goggles while tanning?

ABSOLUTELY! It is of utmost importance! Your skin can tan-your eyes can't. Federal law requires all tanning salons to supply customers with proper eye protection. This eyewear must meet federal government standards by blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Closing the eyelids, wearing sunglasses, or using cotton balls over your eyes is not adequate protection as the UV rays will easily penetrate these things and continue into the eyes.