Self Tanning Drops for Face - Onyx Tan

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Ash (US)
Really works

I have very light skin, and I don’t tan! I will just burn and then go back to my regular skin color. So I am always looking for natural tanners that are very subtle, otherwise I would look very weird. If you just put a drop in with your moisturizer you get a slighter darker glow. I also put drops in my leg moisturizer to give me legs a darker color. The picture is a figure I made on my arm with the drops to show the contrast, and that is a very concentrated amount. If spread out with a moisturizer you could make it a lot lighter. But it has the potential to be darker. These are great tanner drops, so easy to use and not messy! That is also a big plus.

Facial tinting works without irritation

So far, I've only used this on my face because I have another product I'm finishing off for body. This has not left streaks on my face or neck. No orange fingers (but I scrub well afterwards). The medium-dark tint works for me and my olive tone. I started my first application with only adding 2 drops to my moisturizer to make sure it was colorwise going to be ok. No skin irritation. The second time, I did 4 drops and felt that was a better/deeper application. A good skin routine is important but if you're like me and have uneven skin tone from aging, sun, and skin issues (despite all the things you've done to help your skin), a facial tint can help make red or uneven colors less noticeable. I also appreciate being able to have my face be the same color as my body without putting my face in the sun as much.

heather (US)
it's really good and not orange!

So the swatch I've attached is the tanner by itself. It left me sith a beautiful and dark bronze color. No orange tones at all! It looks better in natural lighting. This stuff is so easy to use, I just dropped 5 drops in my hand with half the amount of moisturizer I'd normally use, and it worked overnight. I'd still suggest starting off with maybe 3 drops to see how you like it, then build up color from there. There is a fragrance to this, but it isn't lingering after application.

JJ+3 (US)
Nice medium tan, light perfume smell

The product instructions say to “transform your favorite moisturizer, serum, or face oil into a self-tanner.” Rather than squirting out moisturizer into a bowl and mixing this product in, I applied the oily drops directly to my skin and smeared them around, and then applied moisturizer over the top. About 30 minutes later I rubbed a paper towel vigorously over the area to see if any color came off. I did not notice any on the paper towel, which is very important to me, as I don’t want it on the couches and chairs at home or at friends’ houses. Several hours after application I had a light-medium tan and it looked consistent and not blotchy. The next day, my shower did not wash off the tan. The product smells a bit like light perfume, which beats the sickening “dime store” tanning lotion smell. Later on, I applied this product and then showered about 30 minutes later and nothing took, so I must have washed it off. I will keep using this over my entire body. Made in Europe.

melina ljuljanovic (US)
Smells Great!

This product smelled really really good in my opinion. It does not have that nasty sunless tanner smell. I went with 2 drops initially to not have a very dramatic change in my tone. I feel like the color is nice and not too much of an orange tone. Easy to use and apply.