Express tan in 1 hour. Is that even possible?

Express tan in 1 hour. Is that even possible?

You have to attend a very important event soon, but you are white as a sheet? Or maybe you are planning to go on holiday, and you want to give a sunny glow to your skin? Unfortunately, the weather outside is quite rough, and you simply don’t have time to go to the tanning salon. What can you do? You can find quite a selection of many products and services that promise instant results. But is a one-hour express tan possible? We will try to answer that question in today’s article.

How to get a quick and safe tan?

Tanning has become an inseparable element of the skincare ritual. There are numerous ways to give your skin a brown-as-a-berry tone! If you follow the instructions, you won’t have to worry about your health state. The quickest and least invasive methods are self-tanning products or spray tanning.

Sunless tanning products

One of the safest ways to get a natural suntan is to use a variety of self-tanning products with proven ingredients and quality. They provide even pigmentation without excessive exposure to UV radiation. In that case, the right preparation of the skin before applying the product, by gentle exfoliating of the dead skin cells and regular moisturizing is crucial, which directly impacts the length of tanning.

Spray tanning

Professional spray tanning services can be a great alternative. As well as in the case of self-tanning products, preparing your skin before the process is the most important issue. Remember to choose a trusted and proven salon that uses high-quality products and adheres to the highest quality standards. Almost immediately, you can see the effects of the treatment, although the colour typically reaches its full saturation after about 6–8 hours.

Is an express tan possible in 1 hour?

We already know that we will achieve the brown skin tone by using self-tanning products or spray tanning services. As we mentioned above, the results are visible almost immediately, but we need to wait for a while for the final tone to develop (even up to several hours). But is there any way to achieve fully satisfying results after 1 hour? Yes! We have a ready-made solution for you. Stay tuned!

Tan in 1 hour. How to do it?

We have a product for you that will give you an express tan in just 1 hour after applying. It is a self-tanning foam 1 hour express. You can find 100% natural DHA in its composition, which is the most effective tanning agent. Your skin will gain a darker tone immediately after applying the product, and the final effect will appear just after 1 hour. Of course, after a few hours, the tone can be even more intense, but you don’t have to wait that long. After 1 hour, you can simply go out and enjoy a beautiful tan. In the composition of our foam, you can also find the extract from Bronz’Alg® (a combination of essence from brown algae and acetyl-tyrosine), which supports skin pigmentation and as a result, extends the longevity of the tan.

We are not forgetting, that tanning must go hand in hand with skin care. That’s why our product contains aloe, coconut, and red fruits extract, which have deeply moisturizing, nourishing, and irritation-soothing properties.


If you are looking for a way to have a quick tan, try self-tanning products or spray tanning procedures. They are one of the best tanning methods available. The results are visible almost immediately, and the tone deepens over time (usually you can see the final result after 6–8 hours). If you don’t want to wait that long, try self-tanning foam 1-hour express, which (as the name suggests) guarantees a natural tan just 1 hour after application.

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