5 tips on how to tan safely for men

5 tips on how to tan safely for men

Men who are just starting their tanning adventure have many questions. Do guys tan in tanning beds? How to take care of your skin and better prepare yourself for a tanning session? What cosmetics should I use? What is worth knowing before your first visit to the salon? We will answer all your questions in today's article!

What benefits does tanning give to men?

There is no doubt that tanning improves our appearance. That is why men are increasingly more interested in visiting tanning salons. They want to emphasize the outline of their muscles, be more attractive and simply feel better. You can learn more about why men are more eager to visit tanning salons nowadays HERE! [link to previous article]

What to do and how to tan for guys? 5 helpful tips on men tanning

There will always be that first time. We bet you were just as confused and stressed out before your first visit to the gym. However, tanning for men is not that complicated! A tanning salon is not as scary as some people make it out to be! All you have to do is follow the tips to achieve the perfect bronze skin effect. Regardless of whether you want to tan before the season or emphasize the contour of your muscles, a visit to the tanning salon is the perfect way to achieve it!

  • Prepare your skin before tanning

Peeling and moisturizing the skin? Sounds unfamiliar, right? Trust us, women have to do it too! It is best if you exfoliate your entire body the day before your tanning session. That way, the body will be smooth and better prepared to absorb the ingredients contained in tanning cosmetics. This simple step will increase the longevity of your tan.

When it comes to moisturizing your skin, you should find a lotion that suits you not only in terms of composition and consistency, but also in terms of fragrance. Once you find something just right, keep on using it daily. As a result, your skin will look much healthier, and the tan will not lose its beautiful, sunny glow for a long time.

  • Find your favorite tanning salon

Ask your friends, look for information online, check all the reviews and find the perfect tanning salon just for you. The one close to your workplace or home would be the best option - since our lives are very busy, it's convenient to have everything close at hand. Maybe there is a highly recommended tanning salon near the gym? You should check it out!

Once you get there, ask if the beds are disinfected and find out if the ventilation is working. It is worth asking the staff about the estimated wear and tear of the lamps. Lamps that operate for more than 800 hours are more worn out and produce less heat.

  • Use tanning lotion for men

Should you use men's tanning lotion without bronzer? Using specific products designed for tanning is one of the most important things. These are not the same as moisturizing lotions, which you should use every day. These are products with specific formulas that accelerate tanning and enhance its effect.

Our offer includes several powerful tanning lotions for men. To begin with, we recommend the HE bronzing accelerator. Not only will it ensure the perfect color of the tan, but it will also provide proper care for your skin. It is enriched with the Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer complex which balances the level of macroelements in the skin. Its other ingredients, such as silk, sesame oil and pomegranate extract, intensively moisturize your skin providing the optimum level of hydration. It also gives your skin a younger appearance by eliminating the first signs of aging.


For an advanced tanner who started his "man in tanning bed" journey a while back - we recommend the Magma tanning lotion with tingle effect. This men's tanning lotion for tanning bed may cause a tingling and burning effect on your skin, do not be alarmed though - this is an incentive to increase skin cell microcirculation and thus accelerate the tanning process. Aloe Vera extract and Cocoa Butter ensure the proper level of hydration and regeneration of the epidermis, while vitamin E give you a firming effect.



  • Wear tanning bed goggles in the tanning salon

Many people do not use goggles when tanning in fear of developing white spots around their eyes. This is a mistake! In fact, the skin around the eyelids is very delicate and you need to be careful not to burn it. Tanning bed goggles are necessary. Remember that you need to pick the right pair and use them in a proper way. An alternative to goggles is the use of special eye covers.

  • Use the tanning salon regularly, but make the visits brief

How can a man tan without burning? Regular but short tanning salon sessions protect against the risk of burns. The first session should be the shortest (approx. 5 minutes), but subsequent sessions can be gradually lengthened. Remember that you can evaluate the final effect only after approximately 24 hours. You need to give your skin some time to regenerate before your next tanning session.



If you use the tanning salon wisely, your results will be amazing and fully satisfactory. Remember that keeping your body healthy and attractive is not only about the tan. Exercise regularly, stick to your diet and drink plenty of water - this is the key to your success.

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