If you love to tan as much as we do, then tanning intensifiers are just for you! But let’s start from the beginning - there are plenty of reasons why to use a tanning accelerator. First of all, it gives you a faster tan that lasts longer and leaves your skin smooth and fresh. So, the next question is: what does a tan intensifier do? Keep on reading to find out how does a tanning intensifier work and what a tanning accelerator is.

It is a tanning lotion for tanning beds that stimulates the level of melanin - the pigment responsible for the color of the skin – to create a tan in the blink of an eye! The tanning session becomes shorter and the tan lasts longer. Our intensifiers usually contain tyrosine and its derivatives, which are responsible for the stimulation of melanin in the skin. Tanning intensifiers will not make you burn and they’re totally safe, even for delicate skin. You may wonder if tanning intensifiers work in the sun - the answer is yes! Tanning intensifiers are a perfect companion at the beach. They make tanning sessions even faster! You can use a tanning intensifier outside - but remember they do not (usually) contain SPF. Tanning intensifiers work in tanning beds, too!

Why should you use accelerator tanning lotion? 

If you want to know when to apply a tanning accelerator – the answer is simple: every time you want to achieve a dark tan fast; whether you’re outside or inside. Now let’s consider the benefits of tanning intensifiers. First of all, Onyx tanning intensifier provides amazing skin hydration! The natural nutrients make each tanning session a real paradise on earth for your body. Onyx tanning intensifier leaves your skin moisturized and nourished. Cosmetics accelerating tanning contain a number of ingredients and vitamins that take care of your healthy appearance.

A flawless tan without stains or streaks is the dream of every tanning lover. It couldn't be easier with tanning intensifiers, which provide even color all over the body. It is enough to apply a small amount of the balm, spread it on the skin, and enjoy a session at the tanning beds. Now you can admire your perfect tan. What’s more, thanks to the light color of the cosmetic mass, the balm does not stain clothes or skin. We certainly think that a tanning intensifier is necessary for tanning, especially for tanning in the tanning bed.

Best tanning lotion for tanning beds

You may still be wondering what tanning intensifier is best. We can recommend our best-reviewed tanning cosmetics – Mystery. This tanning intensifier is the best of the best for fair skin. Onyx tanning lotions are also perfect as accelerators for tanning the legs. Thanks to their highly moisturizing properties, the tan will not only amaze with its intense chocolate color but also with its dazzling shine.

Vibe provides even more intense body hydration, and Grand Cru gives you maximum results! If you can’t make up your mind, then you must know that Booster from our Original series is a long-time classic. If you are looking for additional tanning sensations, take advantage of tanning cosmetics with tingle effect – find out more HERE.