Suncolada - Sun Tanning Lotion with Happy Skin Formula

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Lauren Bates (US)
Indoor Outdoor Tanning Lotion

Made in the USA. 8.5 oz **** off lid squeeze bottle. Safety sealed. Love the bright colors of the bottle & gold lid. Gives all the tropical feels.Triple bronzing juicebomb with monoi coconut oil & cocoa butter. Lotion is a yellow tint. When applying goes on smooth, not leaving a greasy sticky feeling at all. I personally love the pineapple colada scent…smells so sweet & fruity. Left my skin feeling nice & moisturized ready to soak up those rays!

Wibbo (US)
Smooth, smells great. Works well, but pricey.

I recently tried the Onyx brand's "Suncolada Triple Bronzing Pineapple Tanning Lotion," and I have to say, I am impressed! This tanning bed lotion contains a complex of three enhancing ingredients that maximize the effects of tanning, allowing you to go a few shades darker instantly. I definitely noticed a difference in my tan after using it.But the benefits of this indoor tanning bed lotion go beyond just a beautiful tan. The Happy Skin formula enriched with this lotion guarantees the most relaxing experience. It's always nice to know that my skin is not only looking great but feeling great too.One of my favorite things about this tanning lotion is the nourishing oils it contains, including coconut, Monoi, and Macadamia oils. These oils helped to smooth my skin and increase its elasticity while evening out my skin tone.The MultiFruit blend in this bronzer tanning lotion also impressed me. The natural fruit extracts, such as Apple, Raspberry, Peach, Kiwi, Papaya, and Strawberry, improved my skin's moisture levels, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.The fresh scent of juicy pineapples in this bronzing tanning lotion was also a plus. It made me feel like I was on a tropical vacation, and it put a smile on my face during every tanning session.Another great feature of this tanning lotion is that it can be used as an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion. Its natural bronzing features make it versatile for use in both settings.Lastly, I appreciated that this product is from a small business brand. It's always great to support small businesses, and it makes me feel good about my purchase. Overall, I highly recommend the Onyx Suncolada Triple Bronzing Pineapple Tanning Lotion for anyone looking for a great tanning lotion that provides both a beautiful tan and nourishing benefits for the skin.From a small business brand.A premium value when offered at about $30 at the time of our review.That's about $3.52 per ounce.

Smells really good! But let's see how good it is...

I ordered this item when I came across it a few days ago because I'm going to Puerto Rico in a little over a week and expect to get my natural sun tan...My wife and I love the smell and agree that feel great to the skin. I'm from the Caribbean tropics and my wife from the Pacific tropics, so we may be good candidates for testing this cream! 😉 So I just pictured our skin today (arms) and will post after sunbathing in the Caribbean...Update: Got to try the cream at the beach in PR. The smell was very delicate and at least provided some moisturizing comfort under the sun. Used less than half the tube during my 6 days stay. On my way back, my wife forgot to put it in the checked bag instead of the carry on and they did not allow me to bring it back at the airport 😞...

Melinda (US)

Smells really great, spreads nicely and works wonders. I did not burn and started seeing results after my first tan. This came really well packaged and is really all you will need in a tanner. I put this at the top 5 tanners I have used.

RoRo (US)
This smells like a vacation

I love the smell. It’s non greasy or sticky. Skin dries smooth. It has a nice light glow.