Tanphoria - Tanning Bronzer with Coffee Blend

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Insanniee (US)
moisturizing and smells delicious

What I love about this product is how it gives my skin a bronze glow and it smells very very good. It’s very moisturizing and has helped relieve the dryness and flakiness of my legs. This product is worth the money!

Coco (US)
Coco’s Conclusion: The Scent Alone is Worth It!!!

The scent is AMAZING! It reminds me of a combo of almond and citrus, maybe? Whatever it is, it is amazing. My daughter, who usually burns easily, has been using this to tan in conjunction with some sunscreen. A little goes a long way, which is good because it is expensive for one tube.

Brookie (US)
Great tanning lotion!

Great clean scent! I don't normally use bronzer but this works great if you need that quick extra boost. The smell is so good.

lnizzle (US)

This tanning bronzer is extremely moisturizing and feels great on my skin. It also has a pleasing scent that is not overpowering, and does not leave that “fake tan” scent on me.I have noticed a difference in the evenness and overall glow of my tan after using this. Priced reasonably!

litig8r (US)
Amazing scent in a wonderful lotion that slowly builds color

I misunderstood exactly what this product is - this lotion is intended to be used in conjunction with tanning bed visits. I thought it was meant as a stand alone self-tanning lotion. Still, it contains a self-tanning ingredient, Erythrulose - that works differently (and not as quickly) as DHA, but still serves the same purpose. Erythrulose works similarly -- but much slower than DHA -- I didn't notice any tanning results for several days after using this product (without the tanning bed). A significant difference from DHA that I liked is that this lotion never causes that infamous "self-tanning" scent that comes with every DHA self-tanning product (even when they try to mask it) - which is fantastic.And the lotion itself is wonderful. It's white, so it's never stained my clothes, and it glides onto the skin easily, absorbs instantly, and smells delightful - it smells just like cherries and almonds. The scent last for a long time, and so does the hydration. This lotion left my skin feeling great, looking great, and smelling great. Even though I didn't understand exactly what I was ordering, I'm glad I found this lotion.