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Self tanning products are becoming more and more popular. Why? They are very easy to use and extremely effective - after just a few hours you can enjoy the effect of a beautiful and natural tan. It is also a dream come true that the whole process takes place at home - you don't even have to go out in the sun or visit a tanning salon. But have you ever wondered how do self tanners work? We have prepared a vast amount of knowledge and interesting facts for you!


Is self tanner safe?

Self tanner is not harmful to your skin! Its composition includes a mysterious ingredient called DHA - dihydroxyacetone. After contact with the epidermis, it reacts with the proteins and amino acids contained in it, resulting in the coloring of the outer surface of the skin. Dihydroxyacetone is mild and should not cause any allergic reactions. So are self tanners safe? Yes, they are.

The higher the concentration of DHA in the cosmetic, the darker the effect you will get. The amount of DHA is also the main difference between self tanning lotions and bronzing lotions - the latter have much less of it.


DHA what is it…

Self tanner - how does it work? Self tanning products do not change the color of the skin immediately. Dihydroxyacetone starts to work after a few hours, so after applying the self-tanner, you should wait about 6-8 hours before you wash off the excess of the cosmetic in the shower.

Self tanner - is it safe? Are self tanners toxic? The active DHA ingredient is a white powder that dissolves in water. So where does the tan/brown color of self tanner with DHA come from? Manufacturers add brown dye to achieve this effect. It is extremely helpful when applying the self tanner - thanks to this you know which part of the body you have already covered with the cosmetic.


What does the self tanner contain?

How self tanner works? Some self tanning products also contain ingredients called erythrulose and tyrosine. Erythrulose starts to work after about 2 days, but significantly affects the durability of the tan. Tyrosine stimulates the production of melanin in the skin and accelerates the tanning process. For this reason, it is often used in accelerators and bronzing accelerators.

Many self tanning products, in addition to bronzing properties, have a high ability to moisturize and nourish the skin. What would a beautiful tan be without properly cared for skin? Shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil - these are just some of the ingredients that make self tanners even more attractive. Which self tanner is the best? Our offer includes Sunl'essence natural self tanner mousse rich in the highest quality bronzing and moisturizing ingredients. Don't believe us? Test it for yourself!



Does the self tanner protect against UV radiation?

Unfortunately not - despite the beautiful effect of bronze skin, which we often want to get before the vacation, self tanner does not protect against sunlight. Self tanner with SPF is fairly rare. Most self tanners do not contain sunscreen. When sunbathing, always remember to use the right moisturizer with SPF.


Self tanner - a product for everyone!

There are many self tanning products on the market - in lotion, mousse and mist form. Everyone can find something for themselves. On top of obtaining a dreamy, natural tan, your skin will get the proper level of hydration and nutrition.

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