tanned legs - how does hair growth inhibitor work?

Are you wondering how to remove unwanted hair? Or maybe you’re looking to slow down unwanted hair growth? If the answer is yes, then you will be bound to love Hair Growth Inhibitor lotions. Use them regularly to enjoy silky smooth skin for much longer! But first, here are some important things you need to know about Hair Growth Inhibitors.

What is hair growth inhibitor?

Most hair removal methods are painful and are usually just temporary. This was the reason for creating cosmetics that contain substances which slow and reduce new hair growth. They delay hair regrowth while making it softer and less visible. The available formulations include:

  1. chemical treatments, which often contain substances that have a cytotoxic effect on fetal follicular cells;
  2. enzyme-based cosmetics, which have a destructive effect on new hair and the hair follicles, thus impairing hair regrowth;
  3. cosmetics with a physiological effect, which contain plant extracts that positively affect the hair growth cycle.

Hair Growth Inhibitors are substances that slow down the rate of chemical reactions.

Hair growth inhibitor ingredients

By far the best physiological preparations which do not cause dangerous side effects on the hair. Such cosmetics include Onyx X-Legs Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer – Hair Growth Inhibitor. The product owes its characteristics to Telocapil. Telocapil is a natural plant substance that reduces unnecessary hair and effectively affects its quality. It weakens and delays hair regrowth, which allows to extend the time between hair removal treatments.

The action of Telocapil can be attributed to a natural flavonoid, dihydromyricetin – an active substance obtained from the flowers and leaves of wax myrtle– a plant that grows in North America, Asia and Europe (in Poland it can only be found along the Baltic coast). Dihydromyricetininhibits the activity of tyrosine kinase, which slows down hair growth; at some point some hairs are unable to grow at all, while others become weaker and much thinner.

Onyx X-Legs – hair growth inhibitor and bronzer in one

Onyx X-Legs Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer does not only slow down hair growth and makes it less visible. This bronzing miracle darkens parts of the body that are harder to tan and provides an immediate, deep, sunkissed look – all possible thanks to a large portion of ingredients such as DHA, Caramel and Erythrulose. But that’s not all! It acts as the best leg makeup, skillfully masking freckles, veins and other imperfections, and helps to improve your skin condition. The unique formulation of the product also includes an innovative Anti-Cellulite Oil, which gives skin extra tightness and helps maintain a youthful appearance.

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