Woman is tanning - How to tan without sun?

How to get tan without sun?

A golden tan is the dream of every vacationer. But what if you cannot tan in the sun or in the solarium for health reasons, or simply for individual preferences? Does that mean you can still enjoy a gorgeous golden tan? Of course! Today we will let you in on how to get tan without sun. Interested? Keep on reading to learn more!

How to tan at home?

Are there alternatives to tanning in a solarium or in the sun? There are more than you might think! The market is packed with a wide range of self-tanning lotions that will give your skin a golden tan. Get ready for friends asking you where you spent your exotic vacation!

Here are 3 ways to get a beautiful tan without leaving your home!

Spray Tanning

Have you ever heard of spray tanning? This tanning method consists in spraying the entire body with a delicate tanning mist.  The effect lasts from 7 to 10 days, so it's the perfect way to sunbathe right before vacation.

Self Tanning Lotion

The second option are self tanning mousses that create a natural tan at home. That said, you must know how to use self tanning lotion to avoid streaks and staining your clothes. Remember to do a whole body peel before use and apply a self tanner by a mitt. The effect appears very quickly, already after 6-8 hours.

Self Tan Bronzing Lotion

If you are looking for an instant golden tan effect, we recommend body bronzing lotion – La Playa Instant Bronzer. What is bronzer tanning lotion? Bronzer tanning lotion creates a layer on the surface of the skin that covers all skin imperfections like body makeup. On top of that, it darkens the skin, creating a beautiful and healthy tan. It’s the perfect summer skincare product! Use bronzer tanning lotion before heading to the beach to get gorgeous sunkissed skin! Just one application is enough to enjoy stunning effects.

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After Sun Shimmer Body Lotion

Once you’ve finally managed to get your dream brown skin effect, it's worth making that tan pop, don't you think? Our shimmer body lotion with gold particles comes to the rescue! Whether your tan is the result of tanning in a solarium, sunbathing or spray tanning, you can use our shimmer body lotion to make it last. The gold particles will give your skin a beautiful shimmer glow in the sun, so you must be sure to bring it on vacation!

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How to get tan without sun?

You don’t need to expose your body to the sun, nor use the solarium to enjoy a golden tan. There are many other ways to get that gorgeous summer look. Spray tanning, self tanning lotions and bronzing lotions are great ways to tan at home. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy flawless golden skin. Just remember to use after sun shimmer body lotion – you will fall in love with it!

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