Red skin after tanning? 4 beauty tricks Part 2

Everyone dreams of tanning without getting burned. Sunburns are unfortunately one of the most common souvenirs left after vacation or visits to the tanning salon. Why does my skin get irritated after tanning? That is the question we often ask ourselves. This is because, preoccupied with the desire to achieve the dreamy skin tone, we completely forget about the basic principles of healthy tanning. Tanning without skin damage and tanning without burning - today we will tell you what to do when tanning gets out of control and instead of a bronze tan, your skin turns red and irritated. How to relieve the symptoms of sunburn? Continue reading to discover more!

We have already written about how to safely tan in the sun (tanning with SPF / tanning with sunscreen) in a previous article. You can find 4 amazing care tricks on what to do after tanning in the sun and tanning to avoid sunburn included there - they will help you fight the first symptoms of burns and explain tanning vs burning. [CLICK HERE]

Skin care after tanning

Should I moisturize after tanning? How to take care of your skin after tanning? How do you soothe a tanning bed burn? Here are 4 more tips to quickly soothe irritation after indoor and outdoor tanning. You will definitely find something helpful for yourself!

Milk bath

It may surprise you, but milk helps to soothe sun irritation and has many beneficial skin care properties. Thanks to the milk bath, your skin will be deeply moisturized, smooth and more elastic! You can add dried lavender flowers to the prepared bath, which has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also miraculously soothes irritations.

Strawberry masks and wraps

Who doesn't like strawberries?! Fresh, juicy and sweet, they are not only delicious, but also incredibly effective in soothing sun irritation. They moisturize, soothe itching, burning and even out skin tone. They also help reduce swelling and soothe redness of the skin. All you have to do is crush the strawberries with a fork and apply them on the skin. Pure pleasure!


Irritated skin should not be treated with heavy and greasy lotions. Honey, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule, as it contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that accelerate healing. Just put a small amount of honey on a gauze or cotton pad and apply it to the sun-irritated skin. 


Cucumber is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Thanks to them it perfectly protects and nourishes the skin. Just apply the slices to the sun-irritated places and leave for 30 minutes. Cucumber juice works especially well on the delicate skin of the face.

What to avoid when sunburned?

It is also very important to know what to avoid when you get a sunburn so as not to make your condition worse.

Firstly, do not expose sun-irritated skin to further sunlight.

Secondly, do not take an icy bath. Combination of extremely cold water and an overheated skin can lead to a thermal shock. We wrote about the need for cool, but not icy baths HERE.

Thirdly, remember to dress appropriately - make sure to cover the burned parts of the body.

Fourthly, stop using perfumes for a while, they dry out your skin. You can replace your favorite fragrance with lavender oil, which has wonderful soothing properties.

Sunburn - how can I soothe my skin at home and is tanning safe?

As you can see, we are advocates of home remedies when it comes to treating sunburn and tanning skin care. Milk, strawberries, honey, cucumber - these ingredients are always present in our kitchens. Thanks to them, you can quickly react to the first symptoms of a burn. Remember, however, that a one-time treatment will not help to completely heal the skin. Regular daily body care is needed. Therefore, in addition to home remedies to soothe irritation, we also recommend moisturizing lotions.

There are many cosmetics with moisturizing and soothing properties available on the market. But that's not enough for us! What is the best moisturizer to use after tanning? We love to have as many benefits as possible included in one product. That is why we create unique formulas with you in mind. Maybe in addition to intensive hydration, you care about the glow effect or bronzing properties? Check our products and discover the best possible care for your skin!



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