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Do you dream of a natural tan without leaving your home? Self tanning products are the best way to achieve a beautiful, natural effect. These cosmetics will quickly give your skin a radiant glow without exposing it to the negative effects of UV radiation. However, incorrectly applied self tanners, can give you undesired, unsightly look. How to avoid it? How to apply self tanner? Today we will advise you on what to do to get an even tan.

How to choose the right shade of self tanner?

The first step to achieve the perfect tan effect is to choose the right product for your skin type and complexion.

Fortunately, we offer Sunl'essence self tanning mousses in as many as three variants: light/medium shade for people with fair/pale skin tone, medium/dark for people with darker skin tone and 1 hour express for those who expect instant results.

Sunl'essence self tanning mousses are enriched with natural nutrients such as aloe, coconut and red fruit extracts. These self tanners are suitable even for the most dry, lifeless and sensitive skin. Thanks to that you don't have to worry about additional skin care (although it won't hurt) - in addition to a beautiful tan, you will also properly hydrate your body.

Don't wait any longer - choose the right shade and welcome summer with perfect tan.


Tips for applying self tanner

Now that you have the right product in your makeup bag, it's time to start self tanner application. How to properly apply this product without getting any spots or streaks? We have prepared "How to use self tanner step by step" guide just for you.

Step one - cleanse and perform a thorough peeling of the whole body

Before using the self tanning mousse, it is important to perform a thorough body peeling. The process will perfectly remove the dead layer and smooth the skin, giving you much better effect after applying the self tanner. It will also make your tan last much longer.

Step two - give up using other cosmetics

Remember not to apply any moisturizers or lotions before using the self tanning mousse. This way the self tanner will be properly absorbed. You can moisturize dry parts of the body, such as knees and elbows, if necessary.

Step three - apply the self tanning mousse

Self tanner - how to use? Shake the bottle vigorously. By pressing the pump squeeze out the content onto the self tanner mitt. With circular and firm movements apply the self tanner thoroughly all over the body. We recommend applying only a small amount of the product around the elbows, knees, wrists and hands - these areas tend to be dry.

Step four - wait for the self tanner to dry

Self tanner - how does it work? It is necessary to wait for the liquid to dry on your skin before putting on any clothes. Next, you can put on loose clothing and leave the mousse on the skin for about 4 to 6 hours.

Step five - take a warm shower

After waiting the right amount of time, take a shower and wash off the excess of the product with warm water. It is very important to be extra gentle when wiping the skin with a towel.

Self tanner - how long does it last?

In most cases the tan effect lasts about a week. To prolong the durability of your tan, remember to moisturize your skin regularly, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet. You can always reapply the self-tanning mousse if necessary.

More self tanner hacks that will make your tan last longer can be found HERE!

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