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Are you annoyed with stains after using self tanner? You're asking yourself - why does my fake tan never look good? If undesired, unsightly streaks appear on your skin instead of a beautiful tan, be sure to apply the product the proper way. What you do immediately after the application is also very important. Trust us, as long as you follow a few basic rules, you'll be able to achieve your dream bronze tan... not only during summer.

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The 5 most common mistakes after self tanner application

Self tanner is a cosmetic that guarantees a perfect tan only when used correctly. We wrote about how to use self tanning products HERE!

Today we will tell you what not to do after self tanning. Here are the 5 most common self tanner mistakes!

Hair removal after applying self tanner

Be sure to limit shaving both after spray tanning and applying self tanning mousse. You should not irritate freshly tanned skin. We also do not recommend depilation before applying self tanner for body. Most of the product will collect in the spots where each hair was removed. It is best to depilate your body the day before reaching for the self tanning products.

IMPORTANT TIP! You should stop using self tanning products while undergoing laser hair removal treatments.

Training at the gym after applying self tanner

Seemingly harmless session at the gym is another activity that should be taken into consideration. Avoid physical workout for approximately 6-8 hours after the application. Wait until the product is thoroughly absorbed and has enough time to work on the surface of your skin. Then, rinse off its excess in the shower. Unsightly streaks appearing in areas where the sweat flows is something we definitely want to avoid, right?

Swimming in the pool after applying self tanner

You should definitely wait before going to the swimming pool or taking a trip to the lake with your friends. Be sure to wait 4 to 6 hours before taking a bath after you apply the product. Remember that chlorinated water may weaken the expected effects.

Visiting the sauna after applying self tanner

Nobody wants their long-awaited glamorous tan to simply fade away due to high temperatures. Therefore, stay away from saunas and places that may cause freshly applied cosmetic to flow down all over your body. Imagine what might happen to your self tanning product after just a few minutes in the sauna. Skin full of brown stains is definitely something you don't want to experience!

Applying other cosmetics after using a fake tan

Do not mix self tanner with other cosmetics. Do not apply it directly over body lotion or vice versa. We recommend to wait with moisturizing your skin till the first bath or shower after application. Otherwise, ugly spots will appear on your skin. Once the effect of your tan is permanent, apply lotion every day to extend the longevity of your amazing bronze skin.


Remember that all external factors that accelerate the process of natural abrasion of the epidermis may cause your dream tan to loose intensity faster. After applying the self tanner you should be extremely careful - this is a crucial time during which the entire skin bronzing process takes place.

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