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4 Best Accelerator Tanning Lotions

Choosing the right sun care product is quite a challenge. That said, if you know what you're after - then you're on the right path. In order to achieve a dark tan effect, we recommend reaching for tanning accelerator.

Tanning bed tan accelerator - how does it work?

Tanning bed tan accelerator will give your skin the most amazing, golden-brown glow in the blink of an eye. The ingredients packed in tanning accelerator, such as tyrosine, stimulate the production of melanin in the skin, which significantly boosts the tanning process. Be sure to use accelerator tanning lotion right before each solarium session and wait for it to absorb completely.

The most effective tanning accelerator

Each accelerating lotion out there is designed to give you that dream shade of tan much faster. The accelerator tanning lotions from Onyx contain tyrosine, which accelerates melanogenesis. On top of that, tanning accelerators differ in terms of skincare properties. How to find the best tanning bed tan accelerator? Here’s our rank.

1. The cult tanning accelerator

For all those who are just taking their first steps in the tanning world, but also for advanced tanning bed tanners, we recommend the cult tanning accelerator. Booster has been a customer favorite for years, but in recent months it has enjoyed particular popularity in the United States. It’s not just that you can already see the first results after only one tanning session; this tanning accelerator is also rich in vitamins and natural nutrients that help keep your skin healthy and young.

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2. Tanning accelerator for women

There’s no doubt about it - probably every woman likes to keep herself looking good, which is why this rank could not be complete without an accelerator tanning lotion for women. Mystery is a tanning bed tan accelerator with an activator of collagen synthesis in the skin. What is that exactly? The Collagen Boost complex supports the reduction of skin aging and helps to maintain a slim figure.

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3. Bronzing tan accelerator for legs

If you're not just looking to get a quick brown tan, but also want to deepen your skin color, we recommend bronzing tan accelerator. The 3rd place is taken by the ultra dark tanning accelerator with bronzer for legs. What’s so special about it? Let’s just say it’s the hair growth inhibitors. Sounds mysterious? We’ve mentioned them in one of our articles - Hair growth inhibitors - what are they?

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4. Extremely moisturizing tan accelerator

We keep on repeating about how important it is to moisturize before and after each tanning bed session. Vibe is a tanning accelerator which, thanks to the combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil, guarantees intense hydration and nourishment of the skin. Extremely quick tan goes hand in hand with extreme hydration. It’s the best tan accelerator for pale skin out there.

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Tanning accelerator - how to choose?

Onyx tanning accelerators are the perfect choice for both advanced and beginners, and for people with light and dark complexion. Remember to choose a tanning accelerator according to your individual preferences. We hope that our ranking of tanning accelerators will make things a lot easier for you!

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