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Tanning just never gets old. We can still admire major stars and celebrities on the red carpet who dazzle with their perfect tan. On the other hand what about magazine covers? Same! Why do you think that is? It’s a well-known fact that a tan is a symbol of wealth and high status. It improves the appearance of the skin, gives it radiance, and optically slims the silhouette. See celebrities who tan! We are showing you 5 famous people who always look stunning thanks to their radiantly tanned skin.

Celebrities who tan

1. Jennifer Aniston

Rachel from Friends – that’s her! She always dazzles with her stylish look. She says that she is a big fan of tanning. Jennifer Aniston has been using tanning cosmetics for years and visits tanning salons regularly.



2. Bella Hadid

Bella never stops to take care of her appearance. An illuminated face is something that she pays special attention to. Most importantly she achieves the effect of golden-brown skin thanks to tanning cosmetics, self-tanners, and body bronzers. It’s an ideal option for busy people who do not have time to visit the tanning salon regularly but at the same time want to look tan.

3. Kim Kardashian

We just couldn’t skip Kim Kardashian. She has admitted that tanning is the first step in her daily routine. A tan makes her look fresh and stunning. Kim Kardashian uses bronzing lotions that can be easily washed off in the shower, or self-tanning lotions.

4. Jessica Alba

Many people think that Jessica Alba has a naturally darker complexion. Her skin is always perfectly tanned, regardless of whether she is posing on the red carpet or relaxing in a bikini, but we deny the rumors –the actress obtains the effect of lightly sun-kissed skin thanks to tanning cosmetics. To clarify the star admits to regular use of self-tanners.

5. George Hamilton

Although he has been working in front of cameras for over 60 years, after that George Hamilton is best known for his dark tan. As we can expect, it’s not his natural skin tone. On one of his interviews, George Hamilton confessed that he owes his great success with women to his perfect tan.


george hamilton tan


Extra Ross Geller

You know who also likes tanning? We’ve already mentioned Rachel, and we all know that there’s no Rachel without Ross! We all remember The One With Ross's Tan! A hilarious scene that always makes us cry... with laughter, of course! It’s true that Ross doesn’t use tanning salons or indoor tanning lotions, but he sure is a fan of spray tanning!

famous tan


Tanning lotions for you and celebrities

What tanning lotion is perfect for rocking a golden-brown tan just like our idols?  Here are 5 tanning lotions that will help you instantly achieve a beautiful skin color:

X-Legs – ultra dark bronzer for legs and hard-to-tan parts of the body, covers all imperfections, and leaves the skin silky soft, smooth, and perfectly tanned.

Magnifique – a luxurious bronzing accelerator for an amazing tan in the blink of an eye. The innovative Push-Up complex enhanced with coffee and yerba mate extracts supports skin firming.

Mystery – accelerators enhancing your tan intensity and durability paired with a collagen synthesis activator! An innovative tanning lotion that not only accelerates the tanning process but also takes care of the proper condition of your skin.

Black Caviar – instant body bronzing lotion. It’s a true multitasker – you can use it both in tanning bed or on the beach, or at home as a moisturizing lotion for daily care. It makes your tan extremely fresh and radiant.

SUNL'Essence - Self Tanning Body Mousse – the highest quality self-tanning foam with 100% natural bronzing ingredients. Its unique formula allows for quick application and instant absorption, leaving the skin evenly tanned and pampered with nourishing ingredients.

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