stand up vs lay down tanning bed

Stand up vs lay down tanning bed

Are you planning to visit the solarium? If the answer is yes, then you have to pick which tanning bed you're going to use. You can choose among stand up tanning beds as well as lay down ones. What are the main differences? Keep on reading to find out!

Stand up vs lay down tanning beds

UV intensity

While lay down tanning beds are usually equipped with 100-120W bulbs, stand up ones are fit with 160W ones. This means that the former will give you a faster tan. So, if you are looking for an instant result, be sure to pick this one.

Even tan

Another difference between a lay down tanning bed vs. a stand up tanning bed is the final result. If you know how to place your body to make sure that your tan is even, you can confidently pick a lay down tanning bed. But if this is your first time tanning, then opt for a stand up tanning bed instead. Thanks to this, you can be confident that your result will be even.

Tan session time

Remember to adjust the time of your tanning session to the power of the bulbs. The bulbs in lay down tanning beds are weaker, so you need to tan for longer. On the other hand, stand up tanning beds are characterized by higher UV radiation, so you can use them a little shorter.

Face tanning

Lay down tanning beds are fit with special purpose devices that can be used to tan the face. On the other hand, vertical models are not. If you prefer to use lay down tanning beds, but you don’t care about tanning your face, it is worth checking whether you can turn these lamps off. Most of the time, this will be possible.


Comfort is a matter of personal preference. Stand up tanning cabins require you to raise your hands to create an even effect. The case is totally different with lay down beds where all you have to do is… lay down. But remember that your tan might not be as even!

What tanning lotion should you use?

Whichever tanning bed you choose, be sure to pick the right tanning lotions. Tanning lotions will not just give you a delightful effect of sun-kissed skin, but also ensure an optimal level of skin hydration. So, what’s the best tanning lotion?

Mystery – a tanning accelerator for a faster and longer-lasting tan. Thanks to collagen synthesis activators, Mystery tan accelerating lotion is not only a guarantee of perfect bronze, but also firm skin. This tanning lotion contains ingredients sourced straight from the depths of the sea (Rockweed, Nori and Wakame), which restore hydration and have an energizing effect.


Mega Bronzer – a tanning bronzer that provides a spectacular effect thanks to the double content of bronzing ingredients. The white cosmetic mass of this bronzing lotion guarantees an even tan effect without any unwanted stains or streaks. On top of that, this bronzing lotion is packed with vitamin E as well as fruit extracts that maintain the proper level of skin hydration and ensure a youthful appearance.


Anti-Aging – a bronzing accelerator for the face that produces an even faster tan – now you don’t have to expose your skin to UV radiation for too long! Anti-Aging bronze accelerator contains black rose extract, which paired with vitamin E leaves the skin silky smooth and nourished.


Toscana – a bronzing accelerator enriched with a nourishing oil formula. Toscana bronze accelerator is a guarantee of a dark tan in the blink of an eye. This tanning lotion contains Mystic Oil Complex (Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil and Olive Oil) which ensures the appearance of perfect skin.


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