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Tanning makes men more attractive. In addition, it makes them feel better. However, to cover the skin with golden color faster, it is worth going to a solarium and using appropriate cosmetics. What else should you know about it? Check put or 5 tanning tips for men!

1) Tanning in a tanning bed speeds up the skin browning process

Is summer approaching and are you planning to tan on the beach? If so, have a session in a tanning bed first. This will darken your skin much faster! Let's see another tanning tips for men!

2) Prepare your skin for sunbathing with a peeling

Applying a peeling before a session will not only make your body smooth, but also better prepared to receive the ingredients from tanning cosmetics. This in turn will make the tan last much longer. Remember this, especially when using bronzers and tanning accelerators. What's more, you can apply a peeling not only for your body but also your face.

3) Use your trusted tanning bed and find a lotion that makes a stunning tan

In this case, it is best to take advice from friends who have already went to a tanning salon. Before the tanning session itself, it is also worth asking whether the bed is clean and disinfected. Also find out if the ventilation is efficient. Also ask what is the lifetime of the lamps. This is important because lamps that operate for more than 800 hours are too old and tan poorly.

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It is also important to use a proper body lotion simultaneously when using a tanning bed, so that your skin will look great:

He - bronzing accelerator for men for indoor tanning beds.

V8 - bronzer with tingle tanning effect for men.

Ultime - luxurious bronzing accelerator for tanning beds.

4) Wear sunglasses in a tanning bed

Another tanning tip for men! Many people don't wear tanning goggles to tanning beds, fearing the formation of white circles around the eyes. This is a mistake! In fact, the skin around the eyelids is very delicate and care must be taken not to burn it. That's why tanning goggles are necessary, and the key to success is their proper selection and positioning. Alternatively, you can also use special eye pads. Lear more about it in our article: “Protecting your eyes, face and moles during indoor tanning”

5) Multiple, regular and short sessions are better than long and infrequent ones

Regular and short sessions in tanning bed protect against the risk of burns. The first session should be the shortest, while subsequent ones can be gradually prolonged.

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