Woman is holding pineapples at the beach - Suncolada sun tanning lotion - be tanned & be happy!

Tanned skin makes you look more attractive – it makes your self-confidence skyrocket and boosts your mood. How is this possible? Well, tanning stimulates the glands responsible for the production of hormones that affect your well-being.

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Since a tanning session is bound to leave you smiling, it’s worth thinking about how to multiply this happy result. That’s exactly why we’ve created a tanning lotion enriched with the Happy Skin formula.


… because a tan goes hand in hand with feeling happy!

Suncolada is a tanning lotion that will triple your tan effect. How is that possible? Suncolada sun tanning lotions contains a bronzing complex that combines the properties of DHA, erythrulose, and natural cocoa butter. Three bronzing ingredients to maximize your tanning results by three! It’s great, isn’t it?

But that’s not all! Suncolada tanning lotion is enriched with the innovative Happy Skin formula, which stimulates beta-endorphins. Beta-endorphins have a proven anti-stress and relaxing effect, so they work to boost your mood!

Of course, sunscreen cannot be complete without moisturizing ingredients! The combination of oils packed with fruit extracts helps to maintain water balance, in other words – it keeps you hydrated. Not to mention the powerful nourishing and regenerating properties. On top of that, the oils contained in Suncolada tanning lotion (coconut oil, macadamia and monoi) smooth the skin.

What else can make this happy feeling complete? The delightful scent of fresh pineapples will treat you to a feeling of heavenly relaxation!

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