perfectly tanned legs - best tanning lotion for legs

How to get the best tan on your legs?

Who does not dream of beautiful, smooth and uniformly tanned legs? Especially in summer many people struggle with uneven tan and light marks on clothing. With help come tanning salons and professional tanning products. Thanks to modern techniques, you do not have to worry about an unsightly and crooked tan, which often happens when tanning directly in the sun. Especially if you want an instant chocolate skin effect, it is worth helping the process. So, which bronzer lotion for legs should you choose? To make your decision easier, we have gathered some of the most important information. Here's the best tanning lotion for legs!

Bronzer vs intensifier

There are two products on the market: bronzer lotion and indoor tanning intensifier. To understand the difference between them, you need to know how bronzer works. It provides a tan without the use of UV rays, which means you do not have to expose your body to the sun. The latter, on the other hand, is a tanning product that boosts melanin, which is responsible for darkening the color of our skin. It works as a kind of booster for regular tanning. Bronzer indoor tanning lotion is especially useful after a session in a tanning booth, when you want to intensify and maintain the tanning effect. In the end, it is up to you what tanning product you decide on.

What is the best tanning lotion for legs?

If you are asking yourself "which bronzer should I use?", pay attention to your natural skin tone. Tanning products for fair skin will work differently than bronzers for dark skin. Some people think that bronzers for legs may be darker than other bronzers on the body. Unfortunately, this is a myth – indoor tanning intensifier in a solarium should have the same color. This will avoid a multi-colored tan, which looks quite specific. Of course, you can combine indoor tanning intensifiers with bronzer for tanning beds but remember not to separate them on different parts of the body but apply in the same order and always read the manufacturer's instructions on the package. If you still cannot decide which tanning product is the best for you, we suggest X-LEGS Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer! It will give you a healthy, sun-kissed skin in no time, even at high intensity!

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