christmas outfits with a tan

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you goooo… So it’s time for you to look like a Christmas tree yourself! Surprise your loved ones with a glowing look. First of all – a flawless tan. It’s the first step before choosing your outfit! See what to wear on Christmas and how to take your family’s breath away!

Christmas party outfit

It’s a pretty official part of Christmas, but one that is so important! Precious time spent with your family, sharing stories and tasting delicious gingerbreads. You need to look - and we bet you want to - stunning!

We recommend a classic – the little black dress. It’s casual but sexy. It would be perfect if it had those tiny shining elements. Long sleeves? They sure look gorgeous. Don’t forget a nice pair of black heels to expose your legs. Speaking of which…To complete the whole look - take care of your beautiful legs with a flawless tan!

Christmas tip

We know you want to look on point this Christmas, but don’t take it too far. We highly recommend a delicate tan. You can go wild a few days before New Year’s Eve… For now - remember it’s all about your family and friends. Use the tanning bed a day or two days before Christmas Eve. And never - I repeat never - tan without a tanning bed lotion! For Christmas use something like Booster or Mystery. You will enjoy not only a beautiful flawless tan but also glowing smooth skin. Those tanning bed lotions take care of proper moisturization, leaving your skin soft like never before. Believe us, our best tanning bed lotions are all you need for Christmas 2021.

Put on some white

A white dress and a dark tan. One word - WOW! It’s like gin and tonic. It’s just what you need! We’re just kidding, but believe us when we say – a white dress will highlight your tan and make you look more glowing than your Christmas tree. Use our Christmas tanning tip and wait for the quick results!

what to wear on Christmas


Not a fan of fancy dresses?

That’s ok too! You can choose your favorite elegant shirt - think white or black. We believe Christmas sweaters will work too. Remember – it’s all about feeling awesome and loved. Do not feel any pressure. You are perfect just the way you are.

And don’t forget your Christmas hat!

cat wearing a christmas hat

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