tanning lotion with bronzer - do tanning bronzers really work?

Tanning lotions that contain bronzers are called tanning bronzers. Tanning lotions are often enriched with bronzing ingredients such as DHA, Erythurlose, Cacao or Carmel to enhance and darken the tan. This makes it last longer and enriches its final tone. Tanning lotions with bronzer are the most popular tanning cosmetics. Why, you might ask? The answer is very simple. They give an almost instant effect after applying the lotion to the skin, and they produce even better results in a duet with solar lamps - they deepen the chocolate shade of your skin. Do tanning bronzers really work? Which tanning lotions should you choose? Check this out!

How do tanning lotions work?

If you want to know how bronzers work – it’s all about bronzing ingredients – especially DHA, or dihydroxyacetone. Bronzers contain up to 15% DHA. Most tanning products contain about 3-5%. Obviously, the higher the percentage, the darker the skin. But remember, more DHA means a greater possibility of streaks after application. Another chemical which can be used is erythrulose, though it produces a more gradual tanning effect.

These products make the body look healthy and evenly tanned. But who can use tanning bronzers? Well – actually everyone. Tanning bronzers are intended for both beginners and advanced users of tanning beds. Do bronzers work without tanning? Yes - bronzers will color your skin immediately, but pairing them with a tanning bed will surely enhance and preserve the final color. You can also add bronzer to your favorite moisturizing lotion to get an original product for your daily body care. However, most of them already contain certain nutrients. All you need is to choose the perfect bronzer for yourself! If you want to enhance the effect of your tan and take care of your skin comprehensively, you should immediately reach for body bronzers.

Best tanning bronzers for tanning beds 2021

You have to remember that there are many categories of tanning bronzers. We distinguish both black bronzers and those characterized by a white color of the balm. Our store also offers bronzers in the form of a tanning serum, bronzing accelerators and bronzers with a tingle effect. Which bronzer to choose? Decide for yourself!

Black Caviar guarantees an insanely dark tan! Experience the most unpredictable lavish bronzing power of the Majestic Multi-X Bronzing Complex. Our black bronzing lotion will give you the darkest results possible.  Black Caviar is a unique blend of bronzing ingredients and Luxe Nourishment Base.

Black Porcelain is an absolute hit on the market of tanning lotions. But don't let the name "Porcelain" fool you - despite the white color of the lotion, it provides a dark and deep tan. Bronzing ingredients such as DHA, Erythurlose and Juglone enhance the intensity of your tan, while Black Pearl, Aloe and Honey Extracts keep the condition of your skin in check. Treat yourself to a brand new tanning technology and reach for our "White-To-Dark" formula.

We remind you that only now all tanning lotions from the Black Bronzers category are available up to 20% cheaper with the discount code BLACK20! You can read more HERE!

When it comes to white bronzers, there is no way not to use Toscana, an innovative white bronzer that not only strengthens your skin condition, but also prolongs the effects of tanning. Its unique formula leaves the skin silky soft.

This year was all about Magma - a triple tanning bronzer for advanced tanning users packed with a significant amount of browning ingredients - DHA and erythrulose. If you want to learn more about tingle tanning lotions - read HERE!

What tanning lotion buy?

If you are a beginner to tanning beds, then bronzers are the best choice to start your adventure with tanning cosmetics. However, it's up to you to choose - black or white bronzer, serum or maybe a bronzing accelerator? If you’re still not sure, ask yourself what effect you want to achieve and what additional properties you are after. However,  if you are a tanning lover and are looking for additional experiences - we recommend bronzers with tingle effect. If you have any questions or doubts - write to us. We will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect tanning bed bronzer!

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