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Happy Halloween! The scariest day of the year is just round the corner, and want to give you a bunch of Halloween ideas! Say yes to Halloween Body Make Up!

Say yes to Halloween Body Make Up!

Are you planning to dress up as Anabelle, Luke Skywalker or Mulan? If you are, you need to get a bit darker! Don’t worry, we will tell you how. By the way, those are some great Halloween ideas, aren’t they?

Depending on what effect you’re after, choose Black Bronzer to strengthen and deepen dark skin tones, or Instant Bronzer, a bronzing lotion that will give you an immediate natural effect which you can easily wash off in the shower after the party. Some sun care products act as a foundation for your body - they cover all imperfections, freckles, and bruises. Importantly, these cosmetics do not leave streaks or stains - after all,  a flawless effect of brown skin is what you’re after! Remember that a tanned body not only looks phenomenal, but is also optically slimmer; on top of that, tanning lotions care for your complexion in many ways! Dare to combine business with pleasure - look like a million dollars and take care of your body!

Halloween Body Make Up ideas

If you’re after an out-of-the-box look, you can try to make stains using bronzing mousse. That’s just one way to do it. Of course, you can use it as body tan, but that might be too ordinary… Try that one – you will not regret it.

You need to take care of your legs too, no matter what! Make them look amazing with Bronzer X-Legs. Bronzer X-Legs provides an immediate tan thanks to a highly darkening formula. It also boosts the overall appearance of your skin, hiding all imperfections. Remember! It can be used on the whole body.

Just look stunning

Want to look like Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham or Bradley Cooper? They all tan!

Remember – in order to obtain a satisfactory effect, it is very important to adjust the cosmetic to your needs and apply it with care. A dark tan can perfectly match more than just one type of spooky makeup. Change your body, give it a golden-brown glow, but most of all - have fun!

Instant tan with bronzing body lotion

No time for tanning on tanning beds? No worries – we’ve been there too. Enjoy the effect of naturally tanned skin immediately after applying bronzing body lotion. La Playa will change the tone of your skin and brighten your complexion almost instantly. It was created specifically for occasions like this one. Instant Bronzer will help you prepare your body for a Halloween party – your lightly sun-kissed skin will be the main topic! The cosmetic does not leave stains or streaks, and washes off easily in the shower.

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