Perfectly tanned body - how long does a tan last?

We all dream of a gorgeous, golden tan. Sunkissed skin makes the body look extremely delicious, but also slender and healthy. So… how long does a tan last? And how to make your tan last longer? Keep on reading to find out.

How long does a tan last?

How long does a tan last is actually an individual issues. Some people can enjoy a dark tan from spring till late autumn. But in most cases, it’s much shorter than that. It all depends on your complexion, skin properties, body care, and how you got your tan in the first place. If your dark tan is an effect of: 

- sun – it will usually disappear after four or five weeks, a lot depends on your complexion and after sun care;

- tanning lotion – it will usually disappear after a few days, and last longer when you take proper care of it with after sun balms and lotions - this can make it last for over a week;

- tanning salon – if you are treating yourself to regular, weekly tan salon sessions, your tan should last for a month from your last visit;

- spray tanning – it will last for about two weeks, but repeating the treatment in the meantime will make it last longer.

How to make your tan last longer?

Want to enjoy a gorgeous tan all year round? As it turns out, it's possible! Regular tanning sessions in the solarium and a good choice of tanning lotions will help you achieve your dream chocolate skin or keep your summer look for longer.

First of all, be sure to focus on daily body care lotions – moisturized skin holds your tan longer.

If ordinary tanning lotions are just not enough and you expect something more, reach for La Playa Tan & Glow. It's a shimmer body lotion packed with ingredients that support skin pigmentation. Thanks to shiny particles and the Bronz’Alg complex, La Playa Tan & Glow shimmer body lotion will emphasize your tan and make it last. A hit in the bull’s eye? You got it! That’s what it’s all about!


Now, when it comes to tanning bed, pick an indoor tanning lotion that will boost your tan and make it last longer. It’s worth considering tanning lotions with bronzing accelerator. You can find out more about tanning bed lotion HERE >> Tanning Accelerators or Tanning Bronzers?

A luxurious tanning lotion for tanning beds with extra bronzing properties is a recipe for a quick and long-lasting dark skin effect. On top of that, our special Push-Up complex with coffee and yerba mate extracts will firm your skin and help you maintain a youthful appearance.


Or maybe you’re looking to keep the tan on your legs for longer? Now you don't have to quit short skirts even after the holiday is over! Our bronzing accelerator was designed with such situations in mind. Thanks to the rich blend of intense bronzers, this tanning lotion for tanning beds acts as body makeup, covering all imperfections and darkening your skin by even a few shades.


Health above all

In addition to caring for your body from the outside, a healthy lifestyle is also important. Drinking water has a positive effect on your body more than you will ever know! With that in mind, remember to drink enough fluids (at least 2 liters a day). Drinking water will give you a much healthier complexion and a longer lasting tan.

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