tanned woman at the beach - how to tan fast?

Have you ever walked out of a tanning salon disappointed? The lack of satisfactory results can lead to despair, especially if you've been preparing for your first tanning session for a long time. How long does it take to get a tan after a tanning bed session? And how to tan fast? Keep on reading to find out!

Will tan develop in 1 hour?

There’s no right or wrong answer to that. It all depends on your skin type and skincare regimen. If you have taken the time to prepare for tanning and used the right tanning lotions, you will notice the first effects almost immediately. However, it is commonly said that the final dark tan effect will not appear until about 24 hours after your tanning session.

How to get a tan fast?

If you are after a quick dark tan effect, you have to live by a few basic tanning rules. First rule is - remember about a whole-body scrub and epilation. Before tanning bed session make sure your skin is properly moisturized - dry skin reflects UV rays and is very difficult to tan. The next step is to choose a tanning lotion.

Which tanning lotion is the best?

You just can’t wait to enjoy your dark tan? Then bet on indoor tanning lotion with bronzer and accelerator. They don't just speed up your tan, they also color the surface of your skin, giving you a deeper, more brown shade than ever before.

Tanning lotion for tanning beds

Magnifique is a tanning lotion with bronzer and accelerator that guarantees a dark tan after just one tanning session. The innovative Push-Up complex has a positive effect on the skin firmness, helping to maintain its youthful appearance. Treat yourself to a magical mist of wonderful fragrance. Jasmine, grapefruit and white musk are a perfect combination.

Ultime provides triple bronzing power thanks to high-quality bronzing ingredients. The rich Velvet Touch Oil formula that combines monoi, coconut and macadamia oils will make your skin silky soft. Perfect, stain and streak free tan at your fingertips!

Noir Noir is a tanning lotion for tanning beds enriched with a combination of bronzing and accelerating ingredients that will give you amazing tanning results. On top of that, natural melon, pomegranate and peach extracts in combination with a mixture of oils provide intense skin hydration and nourishment.

X-Legs, our ultra dark bronzer for tanning legs and hard-to-tan body parts, provides an immediate and deep tan and makeup for skin imperfections. This tanning lotion is infused with hair growth inhibitors to make your hair thinner and less visible.

Instant tan

Professional tanning lotions for tanning beds are the key to a beautiful tan. Paired with a proper skincare regimen before your tanning session, they guarantee a quick brown skin effect. An almost instant dark tan right after leaving the solarium – bet on quality with ONYXTAN!

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