perfectly tanned legs - how to tan legs?

Sunbathing are inseparable element of every vacation and trip. Regardless of where we plan to spend a summer vacation, we mainly want to return home with a steady, beautiful and brown tan. It is known that the skin, brushed with the sun, is associated with the exotic and originality, which certainly changes, makes it more attractive and enlivens our image. How to tan and have tan dark legs?


Tan also reduces the visibility of wrinkles, pimples and other imperfections, and thus the skin appears smoother and healthier. In addition, if you feel better with your tan, it not only improves your appearance, but also increases your confidence and mood! Remember that with each new solar ray our body becomes active and we become happier, due to, for example, serotonin, or the hormone of happiness, which stimulates us to life and improves our well-being.

However, the problem with tanning may be that there are parts of the body that need more time to catch sun rays, not as easy and not very evenly. It is, of course, the skin of the legs, because when the back, shoulders and cleavage acquire a darker shade, the legs remain bright and untanned. After all, smooth, beautifully and evenly tanned legs are a dream of every woman and that's how we imagine them in the summer. Unfortunately, tanning your legs is not as easy, as many of you have already been convinced of. Why is it so hard to tan your legs? How to speed up tanning this part of the body? Among other things, these questions will be answered in today's article.


Why do not legs want to tan?

Already in early spring, we reveal hands, arms or cleavage. These parts of the body are simply exposed to the sun more often than legs. The skin of the hands gets tanned  faster and reacts differently to being exposed to the sun rays than the skin on the legs, which we show much less frequently. Similarly, when we put on a long, tight pants that not only cover our legs, but the skin in this part of the body much more often dries out. Remember that dry skin will never equate to a beautiful and perfectly tanned skin.

Another obvious fact why our legs do not sunbathe is that the sun rays are falling vertically on our arms and feet, and unfortunately not on our thighs and calves. However, daily depilation is the main barrier to tanning your legs. A razor or wax tears off a large layer of dead skin, and thus – previously tanned layers. So limit the use of chemical hair removal products because their composition lightens the skin and leaves it pale for long months, and by the way leaves it completely insensitive to the sun – it means that it simply cannot be sunburned anymore.

How to tan your legs? We have some useful tips for you!

  1. Start tanning from your legs.
  2. Give up daily shaving your legs with a razor.
  3. Remember to moisturize the skin! Tight and healthy skin burns faster, but also retains a darker shade for longer. It's worth doing it both before and after sunbathing.
  4. Stand perpendicular to the sun, because at this angle you will get a satisfying effect.
  5. Change the position of the legs - it is important that the tan is even.
  6. Choose active tanning!

Tanning your legs in a tanning salon, the easiest way to have a beautiful and even tan!

If you dream about perfectly tanned legs, and additionally use the solarium, we recommend you a Sexy Legs bronzer for hard to sunbathe body parts. Double bronzer Sexy Legs is created to obtain the effect of a dark tan, even on hard to tan areas of the body. The combination of firming ingredients – Caffeine and Jojoba Oil – has a firming and smoothing effect on the skin. Meadowfoam oil, Shea Butter and Cranberry Oil ensure the maintenance of an appropriate level of skin hydration, and Sandalwood Extract helps fight the signs of aging.

  • Caffeine to improve skin tone
  • Improved skin condition with Meadowfoam oil
  • Nutrition due to Cranberry Seed Oil
  • Shea Butter to relieve irritation
  • Sandalwood Extract supports the fight against signs of skin aging

If on the other hand you are lovers of tanning in a solarium and dreaming about strong, dark and unique tanning, we recommend Very Sexy Legs, bronzer with a tingle effect. If you do not know what cosmetics with tingle effect are, then we are in a hurry with the answer! English Tingle means tingling and tingling sensation. It is the impression of warming the skin accompanied by sunbathing with cosmetics with the so-called "Tingle effect". This is due to the special ingredient that intensifies microcirculation and oxygenation in the skin cells, thanks to which all processes – including tanning – take place faster and more efficiently.

Tingle ingredients

- in balms designed for sunbathing in the solarium is a local improvement of blood supply to the skin, acceleration of all processes that occur in it. Products with the tingle effect are intended for advanced and demanding tanning enthusiasts in the solarium. These preparations really accelerate tanning and help break the natural barrier of the skin. They help in tanning hard-tanning parts of the body (e.g. legs), but they should not be used on the face. They probably do not work for people with very sensitive skin. The tingling and redness effect may last up to several hours and this is a completely natural phenomenon.

Tingle lotion

It was created for women who complain that it is difficult to tan their legs. It was created to facilitate the tanning of those parts of the body that are usually difficult to tan. Composed of such ingredients to speed up the effect of a natural and healthy tan. It contains Mango Extract and Extract of Green Tea and Aloe, which soothe irritations and stimulate skin regeneration. 

Very Sexy Legs – bronzer with tingle effect 

Very Sexy Legs is a powerful bronzer with a stimulating senses tingle heating effect. Which promotes tanning even difficult to tan areas of the body. The soothing properties of Shea Butter and Panthenol support the reduction of irritation. The Green Tea Extract helps fight against cellulite. Mango Extract, rich in vitamins, soothes the skin, making it soft and silky smooth.

  • A warming tingle effect for dark, brown and intense tan.
  • Shea Butter, Panthenol and Mango Extract have soothing properties.
  • Aloe maintains an adequate level of skin hydration
  • Green tea extract supports the fight against cellulite
  • Jojoba oil and Algae Extract have been used to improve the appearance of the skin

Not only the warming tingle effect itself will enchant you and move your senses, but also the scent - Red Carpet Star with delicate musky notes.

Speaking of cosmetics with a tingle effect, we also recommend our other two products, namely Magma and Hot Action.


Magma is an exclusive tanning lotion for experienced tanners, offering a hot tingle sensation and triple bronzers. Crafted with a blend of DHA and Erythrulose, it provides an instant, enduring, and deep tan, ideal for those aiming to surpass tanning plateaus and achieve a rich bronzed look. This tanning lotion also boasts the invigorating fragrance of Blaze Power, featuring notes of orange, jasmine, and musk.


Hot Action

Hot Action is a bronzer with a tingle effect that stimulates the senses, and helps  achieve  beautiful and natural tan. Already after the first use, you can enjoy the chocolate shade of the skin. Thanks to the extract of Bitter Orange Fruit, which stimulates the natural process of melanin production, giving the effect. Thanks to the Chamomile Extract, it is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.

Do you use sun tanning lotion with a tingle effect?

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