woman tanning in a tanning bed - how to make tan lasts longer?

A beautiful tan can take anyone’s breath away - there’s no doubt about it. But what do you do when you want to make the effect of golden brown skin last longer? Tanning enthusiasts have certainly tested many ways to maintain the beautiful appearance of their skin long after visiting a solarium. How to make tan lasts longer?

How long does a tan last?

Let's start with setting some things straight - how long will your indoor tan last? Of course, there is no single date by which your skin will lose its golden glow. This is up to a number of factors - it’s an individual matter. That said, assuming that we are regular solarium users and take proper care of our skin, our tan may last for more than a month. But how to take care of it? Keep reading to learn the best tricks that will help you enjoy your dark tan for as long as possible.

How to prepare your skin before indoor tanning to make your tan last longer?

The key to success is to take care of your tan before you even get to the actual indoor tanning. A properly prepared body will give you a much faster tan, and more spectacular effects. Before you visit solarium, it's worth exfoliating some of your dead skin cells with a scrub and taking care of proper skin hydration. Not only will your skin interact better with the tanning lamps and will tan faster, but it will also be prepared to absorb nutrients contained in bronzer indoor tanning lotions.

Tanning lotion that helps your tan lasts loger

How to make your tan last longer? Many tanning enthusiasts ask themselves this question. It’s worth keeping a close eye on the formulas of indoor tanning lotions that we are using. Coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter or walnut extract are all natural ingredients for a healthy skin. Keep in mind that moisturized skin looks healthier and younger, and it’s a guarantee of a longer lasting tan.

Which bronzer should I use?

After each visit to the solarium, it is worth using a bronzer to boost your tan. If you want your skin to look attractive and healthy, reach for MEGA BRONZER, which was named by our clients as one of the strongest bronzer lotions of all time. Not only will it make your tan deeper, but it will also moisturize and regenerate your skin, and make your dark bronze tan last longer. Think no more - we guarantee a MEGA result and the tan lasts longer!

Choose indoor tanning intensifier

Beyond doubt, there will be questions: aren't indoor tanning intensifiers meant only for accelerating the tanning process? Let us surprise you – no, they are not! If you’ve dreamed of staying tanned for longer and keeping that gorgeous shade, then indoor tanning intensifiers are definitely something that will come to your liking.

MYSTERY doesn't just enhance the intensity of your tan...No! It also boosts collagen synthesis in the skin, which gives it a beautiful dark tan shade that you can enjoy for longer than ever before. This is possible thanks to the complex of moisturizing ingredients, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. It's something else!

The reliable GRAND CRU can be used in a similar way. Aloe, avocado and almond oil… Sound tempting? It’s a real moisturizing bomb. This tanning lotion takes good care of your skin, making your tan look even more beautiful and your tan lasts longer.

And don't forget about BOOSTER, which, thanks to the combination of Tahitian gardenia, shea butter and coconut oil with vitamins, moisturizes the skin and gives it a youthful appearance, not to mention a lovely tan ... Which simply delights and lasts longer than usual!

What about the favorite tanning lotion of fair-skinned customers? Of course, we’re talking about the indoor tanning intensifier VIBE. Tea tree oil and coconut oil deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, and the Rapid Tan Formula deepens and prolongs your tan. HYDRATION, NOURISHMENT and DURABILITY - 3 times YES!

What about bronze tanning accelerator?

An excellent choice can also be bronze tanning accelerators that are packed with ingredients which produce visible first results just after the first tanning session in the solarium. Your dark tan will last long after you leave the "sun empire." Bet on MAGNIFIQUE – a luxurious bronze tanning accelerator that will make your tan last. While you're at it, you can count on other benefits in the form of anti-aging protection and improved body contour. Could it be the perfect product? That’s for you to say!

Is diet making your tan lasts longer?

In addition to the use of appropriate indoor tanning cosmetics, you can also treat yourself to healthy eating habits. They say we are what we eat, so it's best to choose vitamin-rich meals. Maybe it's worth making a switch to vegetables such as carrots, spinach or red peppers and cutting down on the sweets? And don't forget to drink plenty of water - proper hydration of the skin improves its appearance.

What else?

Time for an interesting fact! After tanning on the tanning bed, try giving up hot baths and switching to cool, refreshing showers instead. Heat causes the moisture to evaporate from the skin faster, which may contribute to weakening your indoor tan day by day. Did you know about it?

If you tan in a solarium, but you lose your tan quickly and you’re racking your brains to make it last longer, give these methods a try. Their effectiveness has already been tested and proven by enthusiasts of tanning beds, so maybe it’s worth trusting them? Keep in mind that proper skin care paired with appropriate tanning products and a healthy lifestyle can work wonders!

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