How to tan faster before New Year's Eve?

Holidays are just around the corner, but there’s no need to worry – we’ve got a New Year’s celebration to attend to! It’s one of the hottest times in the winter season. How to tan faster before New Year's Eve? Everyone wants to look beautiful when they welcome the New Year!

Why should you tan?

Since solariums are now visited by crowds, you’ll surely ask yourself why should you tan, and how tanning affects your skin. A tan does so much more than just make you feel gorgeous – brown skin optically slims the figure and makes the outline of your muscles stand out, but it also affects your mood. Sunbathing makes you happier, which is especially important (if not the most important) during celebrations; it also recharges your positive energy. Be honest – is there anybody here who takes no pleasure in soaking up the sun?  When the temperature outside drops below zero and it’s snowing, solarium beds serve as a vehicle that takes us to the hot beaches of sunny California!

How to tan faster before New Year's Eve?

If you want to know how to tan faster, then you must first realize the importance of everyday body care. Regular moisturizing, exfoliating dead skin cells with scrubs, a healthy diet and drinking enough water are the basis for preparing your skin for a tanning session, and thus – to look beautiful and healthy.

Another thing is using professional indoor tanning lotions

The best tanning lotions to get a dark tan 

Take a moment to think about your expectations. We assume that you’re looking to achieve an instant dark tan before New Year’s Eve. This is now possible with tan accelerating lotionWhat tanning accelerators do we recommend? Here we go!

The best tanning accelerating lotion is Booster – our cult tanning accelerator. Booster not only guarantees a beautiful tan in the blink of an eye, but also ensures a proper level of skin hydration. It’s the key to achieving a beautiful tan that lasts.


Speaking of moisturizing, we cannot fail to mention Vibe. Vibe is a revolutionary tanning lotion enriched with Rapid Tan formula, which accelerates tanning. A combination of a dark tan and comprehensive skin care – all the finest!


Our favorite among women is Mystery – a tanning accelerating lotion enriched with a collagen synthesis activator. What does collagen synthesis activator mean? The Collagen Boost complex has an antioxidant effect - it eliminates the first signs of skin aging. Of course, let’s not forget about the most important thing - Mystery is a tanning lotion that enhances the intensity of your tan, bringing you a chocolate skin color faster than ever!


If you want nothing less but a spectacular effect, then be sure to reach for Grand Cru – a tanning lotion that maximizes the effects of tanning. Just apply Grand Cru tanning lotion to your body. The ultra-light formula will be absorbed instantly and work quickly on the skin, intensifying your dark tan!


When to choose spray tanning?

Even if you have been putting off your visit to the tanning salon until the very last minute, there is still one more way to get an ebony tan, and it’s called spray tanning. What is Spray Tanning? Spray tanning is about spraying the body with a delicate tanning mist. The substance covers the skin and transforms into a natural brown color.

Now you know how to tan faster before New Year's Eve. We hope that you will dazzle everyone with your tan and captivate everyone with your bubbly mood. Remember that wellness often goes hand in hand with a beautiful appearance, so… start working on that tan of yours!

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