tanned legs - how to tan legs?

Why my legs don’t tan as fast as the rest of my body? You ask us how to get me tanned fast and how to keep legs tanned? These are the common question that we receive every day. Today we will give you the answers! Ready? Let’s start! 

Why don’t legs tan as fast as the rest of the body? 

Let’s consider how it’s even possible that legs seem to be paler compared to the rest of the body. The answer is pretty easy. Skin on legs is thicker and harder, so it gets less UV radiation. What’s more, the legs don’t produce that much melanin, which inhibits the entire tanning process. They’re also more vulnerable to drying, which results in faster exfoliation of the outer layers of the epidermis. There is no doubt that women face the biggest problem when tanning, because they shave and wax their body and exfoliate the surface of freshly tanned skin. No wonder that the legs tan much slower than the rest of our body –and it’s all mainly due to anatomical factors. 

But don’t worry and don’t lose faith. We are here to help you. We will give you all the ins and outs and let you know what tanning lotion to choose to enjoy your chocolate tan super-fast! 

Tan legs – step by step 

Scrubs before tanning 

The first thing is removing dry epidermis is the key to success in getting fast and even tan on the legs. Be sure to use coarse-grained body peeling before every tanning session. The dead epidermis blocks UV radiation from penetrating deep into the skin, but after you remove ityour body will be silky soft and smooth. On top of thatscrubs improve blood circulation. 

Remember to moisturize!

As we mentioned, the skin on the legs is very dry. If you want to tan legs properly, keeping it moisturized before and after tanning, will help you get the desired effect. Moisturized and soft skin absorbs UV rays better and intensifies the melanin production process. 

Avoid leg hair removal 

After tanning legs, lay off the hair removal for a bitThat’s true not just for shaving but also waxing, epilation, and depilation. It is best to wait 1-2 days after your last tanning session. If you choose to remove hair from your legs, you'll also be removing the outer layers of your freshly tanned skin, and that's exactly what you want to avoid! 

Use professional tanning bed lotions 

Choose the right tanning bed lotions when you tan legs is depending on the natural color of your skin. 

Tanning bronzer for the legs can’t be darker than bronzer for other parts of the body. Cosmetics that match your skin color guarantee the most spectacular results. Which tanning bed lotions should you choose? Should you reach for bronzers or accelerators? It depends on your individual preferences. We can only tell you what our top picks are. 

Ultra Dark Tanning Bronzer

Our new product – X-Legs is a modern and innovational tanning bed lotion for legs. X-Legs guarantees not only a very deep tan but also leaves the skin soft and smooth. How is that possible? The hair growth inhibitors included in the formula slow down hair regrowth on the legs. Now you can enjoy a beautiful and even tan super-fast and not torture your skin with constant hair removal. You can read more about hair growth inhibitors here: [CLICK]. 

Bronzing Tanning Lotion 

Sexy Legs is a double bronzer from the Original series. This ultrafine blend nourishes the skin thanks to the combination of coffee, yerba mate and coconut oil, and prevents the first signs of aging thanks to precious vitamins E and C. It is a proven favorite of many tanning bed enthusiasts. Check it out! 

Tingle Tanning Lotion

Very Sexy Legs is a bronzer with tingle effect for advancer tanners only. It guarantees a quick and perfect tan. After application, you might feel tingling and burning, which is why it shouldn’t be used by people who are just starting their adventure with tanning or those with sensitive skin. You can read more about lotions with tingle effect here: [CLICK]. 

Tanning doesn't have to be a nuisance. All you need is a good skin care regimen and appropriate tanning bed cosmetics to quickly enjoy the wonderful effect of a perfect tan. Remember that it's normal for your legs to tan a little slower than the rest of your body, so be patient. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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