woman is tanning in tanning bed - the best tanning lotion for pale skin

What is the best tan for pale skin? Is a beautiful tan for pale skin possible at all? Many people of this complexion, fearing a sunburn, regretfully give up having a sun-kissed body. We've got good news for you – you too can enjoy having bronzed skin, as long as you follow a few simple tanning tips. Would you like to find out how to get a tan for pale skin? Read on!

How to get the best tan for pale skin?

If you have fair skin, blonde or red hair, as well as freckles, you should pay particular attention to how you protect your skin from sun exposure. Here's a perfect tanning tips for you!

Using essential sunscreen with an SPF 30 or SPF 50 effectively protects you from having burned, red skin; however, it won't help you get a chocolate tan. In this case, it is worth taking advantage of other options and not sunbathing in direct sunlight. Indoor tanning for fair skin could be a good idea, but only if it is carried out in a professional tanning salon under the supervision of specialists. They will advise you on how many minutes you can use the tanning bed. In this case, much shorter sessions are recommended, and tanning products for fair skin will prove to be especially helpful! Tanning bed and self tanner are a good combination, which will help you reduce the waiting time for your dream tan. Other helpful products worth mentioning are bronzer tanning lotion and tanning accelerator Onyx. So, what is the best indoor tanning lotion for fair skin?

The best tanning accelerator for pale skin

When it comes to how tan a pale person can get, you actually have many options. And it's not about sun exposure, which you know you should avoid. It's tanning products to the rescue. A bronzer for fair skin is a product that is worth mentioning, however, if you want to tan in a tanning bed, be sure to try a tanning accelerator for pale skin. One of the products to use, is Vibe accelerator, which will also provide maximum hydration and nourishment for your skin. If you'd prefer a stronger effect, we recommend a dark shade product that works well, such as Grand Cru – a lotion that maximizes tanning effects.

Does a tingle tanning lotion make you darker?

Tanning products with a tingle effect, allow you to get the maximum shade of a deep, very intense tan, and all that thanks to their warming and stimulating properties. Tingle products are intended for advanced people who want strong sensations. Therefore, they should not be the first choice. 

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