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5 questions about men tanning

Tanning in a tanning bed for men goes by almost the same rules as for women. If you are wondering if men should tan - the answer is yes! First of all, tan highlights the muscle lines and makes you more attractive. Can you imagine a body-builder without a tan? Well, there’s  a reason for that! And there are many celebrities who tan regularly. We actually wrote an article about them here. We can definitely add these 3 guys to our list – all nicely tanned and smiled. Jared Leto is always elegant, just like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey!

best tanning lotion for tanning beds


A tan makes you look more pleasant, elegant, and cute. Especially if you are a body-builder! If you actually are one, we even recommend longer indoor tanning sessions and some tanning lotion for body-builders with tingle tanning lotion. Try V8 by Onyx - made with great care for advanced tanners. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think! But let's go back to the basics of tanning in tanning beds.

Men tanning - basics

What do guys wear in tanning beds?

You can tan eighter naked wearing underwear or even your swimsuit. Tanning beds should always be clean and disinfected, so you shouldn’t be worried about dirtiness. All in all, it doesn't really matter what you wear. You could use briefseven your swimsuit - whatever you feel comfortable with. That said, always be sure to put on sunglasses. Safety first! Since we’re already on the topic of safety – before you tan, you also need to use your a tanning lotion. What is tanning lotion exactly?

Tanning lotion for men

Tanning lotion contains DHA - a natural ingredient that fastens melanin (responsible for your skin color) production in your skin. A normal moisturizer only hydrates your body - tanning lotion does the same, and so much more! It’s the best choice when it comes to tanning. After all, when you tan, your skin requires more hydration.

Tingle tanning lotion or bronzer tanning lotion?

Tingle is the “burning” effect that breaks the natural barrier of tanning. What does tingle tanning lotion do? After putting tingle tanning lotion you feel tingling, your skin goes red and after some time the redness changes to a beautiful dark tan. Look for our V8 - tingle tanning lotion for men - to see what a real tingle tanning lotion is all about. 


tanning tips for men


What is the best tanning lotion for men?

If you don’t want to have skin problems after tanning - you should always use tanning bed lotion. It not only makes your tan flawless and longer lasting, but also protects the skin and reduces the risk of skin cancer. You really want to be using tanning lotion!

Our bestseller HE is made especially for men. This men's tanning accelerator helps you tan faster and makes you look all natural. It’s a great tanning lotion if you’re looking for men's tanning lotion for fair skin. HE is free of harmful ingredients so it’s also perfect as men's face tanning lotion.

You can also use white tanning accelerator for tanning in the sun but remember that it does not contain SPF. 

How to tan? 5 tips for men's tanning

  1. Use tanning lotion – of course.
  2. Double your vitamin D intake. This will make your tan looks more healthy.
  3. Shave before tanning in tanning bed – this will ensure that your tan is even.
  4. If you have pale skin – go with a shorter tanning session; long sessions are for darker tan.
  5. Wash carefully before each tanning session.

See more tips for men!

Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section, and we will answer!


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