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Each indoor tanning lotion created by Onyx is composed of diverse ingredients to ensure the expected tan effect and unique skin conditioning properties. These superpowers, as we call them, mean intense skin moisturizing, deep hydration, aiding in anti-aging protection, fighting the appearance of cellulite or protecting your tattoos. The short guide below helps you figure out what extra effects on your skin, apart from the perfect tan, you will obtain when using our bronzers or intensifiers.

Ink Care Formula

One of our bestselling bronzing intensifiers, Tattoo, features a special complex known as Ink Care Formula. What does it exactly mean?


Tattoos fading is caused mainly by the process of photochemical oxidation. Activators of that process are known as free radicals, in particular the reactive hydroxyl radical, which are responsible for destroying the ink cells. As a result, tattoos fade and become less vivid.

This process can be inhibited with the use of ingredients which prevent the photochemical oxidation and they can be found in the oils and extracts encapsulated in Tattoo: sesame oil, tamanu oil and five fruit extracts (peach, melon, pomegranate, grapes, avocado). This fusion helps you obtain perfectly even tan without the risk of losing the vividity of your ink works.

White-to-Dark Bronzer

Even though the term “white bronzer” may appear quite enigmatic, we used it purposefully to denote the effect in can provide. Firstly, advanced bronzers and tan enhancers can take your tan a few levels higher, literally from white to dark. Secondly, white lotion texture (with no colorants) of white bronzers is a carrier of powerful amounts of DHA and erythrulose to give your skin long lasting bronzed results and an amazing color which continues to develop even for a couple of hours after the UV exposure. In other words, lotions from this group don’t contain any cosmetic bronzers which would provide only superficially bronze effect.


Here you can find all products which are classified as white bronzers:


B-Shape is a unique complex created to help improve body contours, especially in the areas prone to fat storage. Additionally, the extract of red algae aids in enhancing skin smoothness, nourishment and its overall appearance. Therefore, SHE, our bronzing intensifier, obtains an extra power all female tanners who live a hectic life will appreciate.


Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer

Pronalen Sport Re-Energizer, an innovative ingredient of bronzing intensifier for men HE, acts as a skin ionic balance restorer under daily or intense physical activity situations. Its marine actives help increase skin hydration and provide immediate refreshing effect during a tanning bed session.


Majestic Multi-X Bronzing

This complex refers to Black Caviar, as well as all our Black Bronzers and their multi-level bronzing power. If you are an advanced tanner who strives to see the tanning results immediately upon applying the lotion on the skin, Black Bronzer is the right choice. But acting immediately is just one dimension of tan enhancement you can obtain when using this type of indoor tanning lotions. Another feature are high levels of so-called natural bronzers, such as DHA and Erythrulose, which ensure delayed dark results. This means your tan keeps on developing for a couple of hours after your tanning bed session so that you can enjoy even darker tanning effects.


Push-Up Complex

It is not only lingerie that can have a push up effect and beautify your body contours. This innovative complex helps in reshaping your curves, of you bottom and tights in particular. Of course these critical attention areas require an appropriate diet plan and exercise but with the use of Magnifique, equipped with Push-Up Complex, supported with the cellulite-fighting power of Coffee and Yerba Mate extracts, you can accelerate your body firming and enjoy an overall better appearance of your skin.



This cutting-edge ingredient is the answer to all tanners who demand dark tan effect in the blink of an eye without the use of bronzers. If this name sounds familiar to you, you’re right – TyrosilaneTM belongs to the same family of tan boosting ingredients, such as Tyrosine. The difference, however, lies in the magnified power of TyrosilaneTM when compared to the traditional tan accelerating ingredients. When using Grand Cru, our innovative tan intensifier, your skin’s darkening ability is multiplied and the whole tanning process is more effective. In other words, using a product which stimulates melanin production enables obtaining the same glamorous effect when reducing time of UV exposure.


The examples above explain just some of the ingredients and complexes which aim at enhancing the dream, dark tan color and provide your skin with lavish amounts of skin conditioning agents. The latter is highly important in order to make sure your tanned skin is protected against dryness which may cause premature aging. We strive to enrich our products with ingredients rich in minerals, nurturing oils and vitamins. Here are some instances:

  • Black Porcelain - Black Pearl, rich in minerals, delivers hydration and supports skin regeneration.
  • Ultime - Oil blend of Monoi, Coconut and Macadamia for enhanced skin softness.
  • Vibe - Cupuacu Butter makes skin wonderfully nourished.

Let us know in the comments below which properties of tanning bed lotions you take into account when buying them: Is it the dark tan effect or rather intense skin care? Which Onyx product managed to meet your expectations so far?

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