tanning before and after

When thinking about a visit to the solarium, what comes to mind is a stunning, brown skin color. What  tanning effect can you get after one tanning session? How long after the tanning session will it take before you can enjoy your dark tan? What does a solarium tan look like? Here’s solarium before and after, or everything about indoor tanning!

How to get a dark tan at the solarium?

The major issue is proper preparation of the skin before your tanning session. Depilation, scrubs and hydration are the common basics. Without them, we can't even speak of an even, stain and streak free tan.

The next step is to choose the right indoor tanning lotion. Which tanning lotion should you choose to get your dream dark tan? Reach for tanning lotions packed with a large amount of bronzing ingredients. Which tanning lotions for tanning beds do we recommend?

Black Caviar is one of our most powerful bronze tanning lotions yet! It provides an exceptionally dark tan thanks to a complex of strong bronzing ingredients. On top of that, it ensures proper skin hydration and smoothness, and supports the fight against cellulite. Fresh fragrant notes will immediately make you think of the hot tropics.

X-Legs is an ultra-dark tanning lotion which, thanks to the combination of bronzing and tanning accelerating ingredients, guarantees a fast, but also incredibly dark tan effect. This bronzing accelerator will not only take care of your tan, but also help you fight cellulite.

Tanning Before and After

If you're asking yourself how to tan in a tan tanning bed, then be sure to follow our tips. After purchasing the proper tanning lotion, all you need to do is visit the solarium. What effect can you achieve?

tanned body before and after tanning session

Perfectly tanned skin is the dream of every tanning enthusiast. A tan not only affects our attractiveness, but also optically slims and tones the figure!

tanned legs before and after tanning session

Legs are one of the most problematic areas to tan. Many of our clients ask us how to get an even tan on their legs. And we’ve got one thing to say about that. X-Legs ultra dark bronze tanning lotion will help you discover the secret of beautifully tanned legs.

tanned body with tattoos before and after tanning session

Do you have any tattoos? If the answer is yes, you can still get a dark tan regardless! Our innovative tanning lotion for tanning beds with the Ink Care Formula complex will protect your tattoos from fading. As you can see, a perfect tan and tattoos can go hand in hand!

What effect is possible?

Keep in mind that the tanning effect is an individual matter. It depends on your skin type, skin care, length and frequency of tanning sessions, and the cosmetics you use. Usually, the tanning effect will be visible only after approx. 24 hours from the solarium session. So be patient – your dream dark shade is just round the corner!

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