top 3 best tanning lotion in the USA

Top 3 best tanning lotions in the USA

Here are our best tanning lotions in the USA! We are one of the most demanding tanning enthusiasts. No wonder that we attach so much importance to tanning lotions – we expect instant results and a dark tan. If you are curious to find out which 3 tanning products are the most popular in the USA, then keep on reading.

The best tanning lotions in the USA by Onyx – ranking

In 2021 our most popular tanning lotion for tanning beds were bronzing accelerators and tanning acceleratorsWhat is the best tanning product in the USA last year? See for yourself!

1. Tattoo – bronzing accelerator with Ink Care Formula

Tattoo is an absolute bull’s eye in the US! And we couldn’t be happier about it – we see that people are sunbathing more and more consciously (protecting the face and tattoos). Tattoo is a bronzing accelerator with ink care formula that protects your tattoos from fading. Now your tattoos will retain their color even after intense and frequent tanning sessions. Tattoo is the best tanning product in the USA!

2. Magnifique – luxurious bronzing accelerator

In 2021 Magnifique was having its moment of glory. It was hailed the best tanning bronzing accelerator in the ranking of the 20 best tanning accelerators in 2021 by Up On Beauty. On top of that, it scored some major appearances in the rankings of the best tanning accelerators in 2021, among others on StyleCraze ( Our indoor tanning lotion is a perfect tanning product for women. In addition to providing a dazzling tan, Magnifique supports skin firming and helps you stay in shape.

Top tanning lotions by Onyx

3. Booster – iconic tanning accelerator for tanning beds

This list could not be complete without the iconic tanning product from the Original series, which has been delighting tanning enthusiasts for over 20 years. In 2021, everybody was talking about Booster. Our tanning accelerator took 3rd place on the list, which means it was the third most popular tanning product in the USA. But does the tanning accelerator really work? Well, this list sure shows that they do! Our booster is the perfect tanning accelerator for fair skin. So when you ask how to tan pale skin, we will answer – Booster! It provides a natural, stain and streak free tan and it’s packed with vitamins (A, C, D, E) which improve your skin condition. Booster has also had some appearances in a few rankings of the best tanning products for tanning beds (including

Choose your favorite tanning lotion

See for yourself why these tan lotions have made their way to up the top 3 best tanning products in the USA. Follow the trends and learn what they’re all about. If you want to deepen your dark tan – choose bronzing accelerators, but if you are looking to speed up your tanning session, go with the best indoor tanning accelerator without bronzer. Who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite?

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