What not to do after using a self tanner? Part 1

Have you ever decided against using self tanning mousse in fear of unsightly stains? No one likes to get streaks on their skin before an important event or summer party. A step-by-step guide "How to apply self tanner" can be found HERE. In today's article we want to warn you against activities that can ruin your tan, explain why self tanner is streaky and give you tips for applying self tanner. What are they? Stay with us to find out!


How to avoid streaks after self tanner application? 

Here are the 5 most important hacks that will protect you from unsightly stains and streaks on your skin.

How to use self tanner - Do not apply self tanner without using a mitt

To make sure that you spread the cosmetic evenly on the skin, and the resulting tan will be free of unsightly stains, use a self tanner mitt. This will give you more control over the product. You will also avoid staining your hands. Remember to apply the self tanner on the mitt first, and then spread it on your skin - not the other way around!

How much self tanner to apply - Don't overdo the layers

Apply one thin layer of self tanner and add a few more (thin!) layers if needed. However, do not overdo it - your skin is not able to absorb too many layers at once, and the product will start to "cake on". How much self tanner to use? Remember - it is better to apply the self tanner several times using very thin layers than to apply a very thick one. Thanks to this, you will achieve a more natural and beautiful effect.

What to do right after self tanning - Wait before putting on clothes

Do not get dressed immediately after applying the self tanner. You have to wait a few minutes for the product to dry and be absorbed into the skin. Then put on loose clothing so that the fabric does not cling tightly to the body. If you dress immediately after applying the self tanner, unsightly streaks will appear in areas where the fabric has been in contact with the skin. This can also result in stains on clothes, which are often quite difficult to remove.

What not to do when you have self tanner on - Do not bathe immediately after application

When to shower after self tanner? Do not take a bath or shower immediately after applying the self tanner. The cosmetic needs enough time to interact with the skin for your tan to develop. How long does self tanner dry? The amount of time you should wait before bathing or showering is usually specified on the back of the packaging of each product. It is recommended to wait at least 4 to 6 hours. After this time it is safe to wash off the self tanner from your skin.

Do not use moisturizing oils

Before applying the self tanner, it is best to moisturize the parts of the body that are difficult to tan, such as elbows and knees. Do not use any oils for this purpose. This will cause the product to spread unevenly on the skin. Your tan can also wear off much quicker. The best option for you is to use a regular lotion or moisturizer.


How to remove self tanner?

How to get self tanner off? If you are not satisfied with the effect of your tan, the easiest way is to perform a body scrub. It is recommended to choose a medium or coarse - grained scrub when washing off self tanner. You can also try rubbing the skin with lemon juice.

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