What not to do after using a self tanner? Part 2

We want you to look even more beautiful. That is why we have prepared the second dose of helpful self tanner hacks about what not to do and what should be avoided after using a self tanner. Stay with us and stun everyone with your perfect tan at any time of the day or night!

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5 rules for using a self tanner

Here are the most important tips for applying self tanner. You're going on vacation and want to give your skin a golden glow? One way is to take advantage of the benefits of using self tanner before sunbathing. To get an amazing effect that's out of this world, it is worth remembering how to correctly apply the self tanner and what to avoid in order not to get unsightly stains. Here you'll find 5 iron rules to follow to get a beautiful tan.

Take your time while applying self tanner

Trust us - the quicker you apply it, the worse effect you'll get. If you are in a rush and don't have enough time to apply the cosmetic carefully and evenly, it is better to postpone it. The first step towards giving you an unsatisfactory result, why self tanner is streaky, is applying self tanner in a hurry. You won't be able to avoid stains and streaks if you don't apply the self tanner carefully!

Do not apply self tanner for body using random movements

How to use self tanner? Apply self tanner evenly all over your body using a self tanner mitt - you want your skin color to be even. Start with one part of the body and slowly work your way to the next (preferably from the bottom up). Distribute the product with circular, firm movements. This is the best and safest way. It reduces the risk of visible borders of not completely spread product.

Do not use scrubs after application

Exfoliation of dead epidermis is one of the basic steps in preparing the skin for self tanner application. What not to do when you have self tanner on? Be sure to stay away from any scrubs, especially coarse ones, after using self tanning products. Otherwise, all your hard work towards getting perfectly bronze skin will be in vain - the scrub will simply peel off the freshly formed tan.

We recommend using scrubs only if you want to specifically get rid of your tan or unwanted self tanner stains. In that case, the sooner you'll use this type of cosmetic, the better.

Don't forget to moisturize your skin (but don't do it immediately after application) 

If you want your tan to dazzle everyone and last much longer than usual, remember to use moisturizing cosmetics. However, do not use them immediately after applying the self tanner. What to do right after self tanning? Let it slowly be absorbed and work on the surface of the skin. After achieving a satisfactory effect and taking a shower, reach for a moisturizing lotion and use it every day. Regularly moisturizing the skin will result in your tan not losing its radiant, sunny glow.

Don't sunbathe without SPF protection - self tanner and sunscreen 

After applying the self tanner, you're free to sunbathe or visit a tanning salon. However, the mere fact that your skin is darker after using a self tanning product does not protect you from the negative effects of UV radiation. Self tanner and tanning bed - if you decide to have a tanning session, remember to use the right cosmetics. Things like self tanner with SPF and self tanner with sunscreen are rare. Self tanner vs sun tan - when sunbathing, use lotions with SPF filter. Self tanner vs tanning bed - when it comes to the tanning bed session - reach for professional tanning lotions, accelerators or bronzing accelerators. 


How to choose the best self tanner?

Which self tanner is the best? Your first choice should be a cosmetic with the most suitable consistency for you. There are many self tanning products on the market, ranging from bronzing, self tanning mousse to body mist. The most important thing is the color of the cosmetic. Be sure to compare it to your natural skin tone and choose a shade or two darker, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Check out our Sunl'Essence self-tanning products and choose the right shade for you! [CLICK HERE]


Remember, no matter what cosmetic you choose, the key to complete success is even application of the product and sticking to the iron rules after applying the self tanner.

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