Tanned woman at the beach - Why am I not getting a tan?

You’re quite the regular tanner, but still without effects? You use the tanning bed, but your legs are still pale? You're looking for a natural (and long-lasting) way to get dark but to no avail? In this article we’ll tell you all about the reasons behind these difficulties and proven ways to get that dream tan.

Common tanning bed failures, or how to use the tanning bed?

One of the reasons why you can't tan is the lack of basic knowledge about tanning beds and tan devices. In other words - to get a good tan, you have to know what’s what. Remember that the tan salon service is there for you. In case of any questions or doubts, the staff will help you choose the right device, length of your tan session and the perfect tanning lotion for your needs.

We often mistakenly assume that one intense tan session will give us that dream dark tan, but the reality is much different. The best tanning results are possible with regular but short tan sessions.

Before hitting the tanning salon, it’s also worth browsing information and reviews about the standard of services. Regular service of tan equipment, systematic lamp replacement and staff training are essential for customers to fully enjoy tanning sessions.

Start tanning... at home

Do you know what we often forget? To prepare the skin before indoor tanning. It’s extremely important if you want to get a fast and even tan. We rarely realize that dry skin works like a shield that reflects sunrays. That’s why it's so important to remove dead skin and moisturize your skin. Who knows, maybe your pale complexion is the result of improper body care?

Does sunscreen work in tanning beds?

"Umbrella in the shower" is how we expressively describe the use of SPF in the solarium. If you put an SPF before your tanning session, then you can consider the time spent “under the lamps” as wasted. Think about it. Why do you use the tanning salon and how is indoor tanning different than tanning in the sun?

When deciding on an indoor tanning session, we are after quick and the most effective dark tan. Besides, indoor  tanning, contrary to sunbathing, gives you the possibility to control the time and intensity of your sun exposure.

SPF lotion will block sunrays and make tanning impossible! So, if you're using SPF for indoor tanning, put it back on the shelf and reach for it only when you actually go out into the sun.

What's better than sunscreen for indoor tanning?

Are you applying heel repair moisturizer to your face or using random detergent for bathing? Like with any cosmetic products, when you tan indoors, you have to bet on professional solutions. We have heard a lot about skin irritations, the smell of "burnt chicken" or stains on the skin - this is how you might end up when you experiment with products that are not meant to be used in the solarium.

So what do you do? Choose a tanning lotion for tanning beds that will accelerate and enhance your tan by even a few shades! Contrary to regular moisturizer, indoor tanning lotion contains bronzing ingredients and tanning complexes that will make the color of your skin deeper. Indoor tanning lotion is often enriched with moisturizing and regenerating ingredients designed for special tasks, such as for individual body parts of specific skin types.

You cannot handle your pale complexion? Accelerator tanning lotion stimulates the production of melanin in the skin, making your tan faster and longer lasting. Of course, we’re talking about Booster! Booster accelerator tanning lotion is packed with natural ingredients such as Tahitian gardenia, shea butter and coconut oil that deeply moisturize and nourish the skin.


Perhaps you only believe in cosmetics that contain large amounts of bronzing ingredients? We have just the right product for you - bronzer tanning lotion for indoor tanning. Thanks to a high concentration of DHA and erythrulose, you will get unbelievable brown skin effects after just one visit to the solarium. But that's not all! The serum-like formula absorbs fully and will leave your skin silky smooth.

There’s another tanning lotion that combines the properties of accelerator tanning lotion and bronzer tanning lotion. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Tanphoria deepens the brown tone of the skin and leaves your complexion plump and youthful. All thanks to coffee extract combined with vitamin E to give you that perfect sun kissed body!


What’s your skin phototype?

If you're having trouble with getting a dark tan, it might be because of your natural skin predispositions. According to Fitzpatrick's classification, you could be the Celtic type. This means that due to a small amount of melanin, you will have a very light skin color, light eyes, and blonde or red hair. People with this phototype almost don’t tan at all, and their contact with the sun usually ends with erythema.

But that doesn't mean that you have to give up tanning! Our offer features tanning lotions that will leave your skin sun kissed. A natural tan is what you need right now!

Just fall in love with your tan

The fact that you find it difficult to get your dream skin color can be attributed to many factors. Take care of your skin both before and after each tan session. Be sure to drink lots of water and use proper skincare enriched with aloe or panthenol. Also remember that SPF lotions won't be of much use - bet on professional tanning lotions with ingredients that accelerate tanning and leave the skin bronzed.

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