Is this bronzer a fake tan?

A question frequently asked by those who are new to our tanning lotions concerns the product group referred to as “bronzers”. This short text – we hope! – will resolve all your doubts and will help you choose the right product and answer the question is bronzer a fake tan.

Is this fake tan?

Is bronzer a fake tan? No, it is not. In the case of our products, using the name “bronzer” aims at denoting lotions with bronzing ingredients (mostly DHA and erythrulose) which cause your skin to turn brown. The key feature to turn your skin brown in fake tan or self-tanners is the high amount of bronzing ingredients. What's more, certain components of our tanning lotions for tanning beds are activated under UV light, thereby working more effectively. Happily, in our tanning lotions, these ingredients are used in carefully chosen amounts. It enhances the tan effect you obtain when exposing your skin to UV rays. 

girl bronzer a fake tan

Is bronzer stronger than intensifier?

The answer is: different. Just to make it clear, not all bronzers and intensifiers are equal in their power.  What's more, not all of them give the same effect. Speaking of the difference between bronzers and intensifiers. The first group it thought to give your skin a hint of additional color when tanning under UV rays. The intensifiers, on the contrary, enhance golden tan effect by stimulating skin’s natural ability to tan faster and more effectively. The major difference between these two is their composition and the result you obtain with their use. Simply speaking, either browner or more golden.

Are bronzers good for beginners?

Of course, tanning bronzers are for beginners. If you have a fair complexion you should opt for a lotion with lower bronzing power and make sure you spread it evenly on your skin. A lovely benefit of using bronzers for light-complexion tanners who tend to experience skin reddening after the tanning session is that the bronze hue you get with a use of bronzers slightly covers that blush.

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Know you know the answer to the question is bronzer a fake tan. Whenever you are not sure which product to choose when using tanning beds, ask the consultant in the given tanning salon or contact us prior to your tanning session. We will focus on your expectations and skin type so that you can enjoy the effect each time.



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