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Sunphoria - Accelerator Tanning Lotion with Natural Fruit Extracts

Sunphoria - Accelerator Tanning Lotion with Natural Fruit Extracts

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Intensive accelerator tanning lotion which uses the benefits of Tyrosine to boost the production of melanin for a beautiful tan. The ultra-light formula is absorbed instantly, leaving your skin silky smooth, while the powerful combination of natural fruit extracts helps to keep an appropriate level of hydration.

What makes Sunphoria tanning accelerator stand out?

  • Instant tan. Thanks to ingredients that stimulate the production of melanin, you can enjoy the first effects of brown skin right after your tanning session.
  • Stain and streak-free. The light texture is quickly absorbed, thanks to which this tanning accelerator does not leave a greasy film and prevents streaks and stains.
  • Extreme hydration. This accelerator tanning lotion is enriched with deeply regenerating ingredients, which ensures a proper level of skin hydration.
  • Tattoo protection. Sunphoria protects your tattoos thanks to the high content of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.
  • Radiant skin. Avocado Oil deeply nourishes and smoothes your skin and leaves it with a healthy glow.
  • Rich fruit extracts. Peach Extract tones, refreshes and improves skin tone, while Pomegranate Extract supports the fight against signs of aging.

Usage. Spread the tanning bed accelerator evenly on the skin and leave until absorbed.

Size: 8.5 fl. oz.

Fragrance: Sweet Lime Tree (citrus).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Brandy (US)
Exactly as described

I am in love with this lotion. It has been perfect to help me get my tan back and protect my tattoo's all at the same time. The smell is not very strong and I don't feel like I sprayed too much perfume on. It has given a great boost with getting color. I have many tattoo's and I always try to have a lotion that protects them. You will not be disappointed.

Ms. Peacock (US)
I Love the smell of this tanning accelerator!

This smells like oranges 🍊 in a grove , refreshing and is not greasy and absorbs nicely into your skin..I use the tanning level 2 for my base tan , then move up to level 3+ with misters.You get results in about 5 sessions, if you are fair skinned, like me.I’m sure this works differently on everyone , but I love it.The results are great!It’s a nice moisturizer , before you go tanning, put this on so it has 15-20 minutes to seep into your skin and then go tan.After use a moisturizer and you will be that tanned Goddess or God that you want to be.

Meadow C (US)

Works great. Smells good. Goes on nice and even. Doesn’t leave me all greasy feeling. My skin feels super soft with this!! Love it. Great value

Brookie (US)
Love this tanning lotion!

I've been using this at the gym tanning beds and omg I love this! The smell is so good! I love that it doesn't have any fake bronzer.

jellybean5922 (US)
Lightweight, Not greasy, Moisturizing

I love this tanning bed lotion!It's lightweight, doesn't have a greasy feeling, it soaks in and disappears fast. The lotion is moisturizing and my tan is darker than ever!Love it!