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Anti-Aging - Face Tanning Lotion with Green Tea Extract

Anti-Aging - Face Tanning Lotion with Green Tea Extract

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Facial skin requires extra care during tanning which is why we have created the Anti-Aging. The Extract of the Forest Speedwell prevents premature skin aging. This process is supported by Black Rose Extract, which is famous for its effectiveness in protecting skin cells against external factors. Aloe ensures the right level of hydration. This face tanning lotion contains the TanTouch composition, combining ingredients that accelerate and strengthen the tan.

Why is this face tanning lotion so special?

  • Double tan. The 2in1 blend of bronzers and accelerators boosts the tanning process and simultaneously enhances your sun-kissed tan look making your face natural tanned.
  • Face tanner. Anti-Aging works as a face tanner and provides a flawless tan without any imperfections. It is perfect for sensitive skin. It guarantees no redness or skin irritation after tanning.
  • Anti-aging protector.  The antioxidant-rich Green Tea extract delays signs of aging and helps keep your skin youthful-looking.
  • Skincare power. This indoor tanning lotion is enriched with Macadamia, Cranberry, and Raspberry that deliver optimum moisture and promote silky smoothness.
  • Amazing scent. Fresh floral and subtle fruity tones for a relaxing experience - this face tanning lotion eliminates unpleasant post-tan odor.

Size: 1.7 fl. oz.

Fragrance: Fresh Meadow (fresh floral and fruity tones).

Want to find out more about face tanning? Check out our blog post - here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Shifrah (US)
Great results and natural color

The photo on the left is pre-use. The photo on the right is after about 4 uses. This works, and I don’t look unnatural; the color is also non streaking. It is a white cream, so I don’t think it has bronzers.For an item I just happened to find, the results speak for themselves. I’ll buy more of this.

manny (US)

I absolutely love this product! It helps my face to tan more evenly and darker. Def recommend

Uwe Dettmann (DE)
Tolles Produkt

Bin sehr zufrieden

Michelle (US)
Love it.

No bad smell

Traci Lee (US)
Wonderful product

This is a great moisturizer. I didnt feel like it helped to tan my face but i had my husband use it and he looked amazing after the tan! His face was so bronzed and his skin was do moisturized! He loves it! There is really no scent.