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If you can’t wait to start your adventure with indoor tanning, it’s worth learning a few basics to make it as effective as possible. How does indoor tanning work? Which tanning product is the best? How to use indoor tanning lotion? Keep on reading to find out the answers, and so much more! Tanning for beginners - let's get started!

Tanning for beginners - step by step guide

1. How to start tanning?

To get a perfect tan, take off your jewelry - as simple as that! We are pretty sure nobody likes this strange tanline on their neck or a wrist. Another tip is actually a day-before-tanning routine. To help your skin absorb UV light and all the lovely ingredients of the tanning lotion better, do some body scrub the day before. You'll notice the results and it will last longer.

Also don’t forget to remove any face makeupLeaving makeup on the face will not just give you an uneven tan (especially when your foundation contains SPF), but it can also lead to discoloration.Leaving makeup on the face will not just give you an uneven tan (especially when your foundation contains SPF), but it can also lead to discoloration.

2. How to use tanning bed?

Choose the perfect tanning bed. You can choose a reclining or a standing bed. If this is your first time using tanning bed, it’s better to choose the latter. This way you can be sure that the tan effect will be uniform. If you’re not sure how to wrap you head around using a tanning bed, don’t be afraid of asking the tanning salon staff for help.

3. How often indoor tanning?

Make sure to pick the right time for your tanning session. Remember that in this case – more is not better. It’s much better to start with short tanning sessions and gradually extend them as you go. Your first indoor tanning session should last from 5 to 8 minutes, and you must wait at least 48 hours for the next one.

4. What does indoor tanning lotion do?

Stay away from oils or other cosmetics that are not intended for indoor tanning, as they can irritate the skin and damage the tanning bed. To achieve your dream effect of an ebony tan, reach for professional indoor tanning lotions like accelerators, bronzing accelerators, bronzers or tingle tanning lotion.

5. What indoor tanning lotion should I use?

Always pick the right cosmetic for your skin type, tanning ‘mastery’ level, and the desired effect. We recommend an extremely moisturizing tanning accelerator or a double white bronzing lotion that deepens your tan for several hours after the tan session.

6. When to apply indoor tanning lotion?

Apply your tanning lotion before each tanning session. Spread it evenly over the entire body, let it dry, and enjoy.

7. When to shower after indoor tanning?

Make sure to take a shower only a few hours after your tanning session. After indoor tanning we recommend that you go easy on the hot baths and switch to cool, refreshing showers instead.

8. How to make your tan last longer?

Remember to regularly moisturize after sunbathing. Taking care of your skin after indoor tanning is as important as doing it before each tan session. To make sure that your brown skin effect lasts long, we recommend choosing a reliable after tan lotion created specifically for indoor tanning after care.

Tanning bed tips for beginners

If you have any doubts, you can always ask the tanning salon staff for advice. If you don’t know how to use a tanning bed, how often should you do indoor tanning, or which tanning product is the best, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Start your indoor tanning adventure today! And while you’re at it, don’t forget about Onyx professional tanning lotions, which will keep your skin comfortable and give you unforgettable tanning experiences during your first tanning session, and each one after that!

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