best tanning lotions for tanning beds in 2021

2022 is already here! We are very excited about this year - a year full of sun and peace - we hope. But let’s go back in time and see all about 2021 to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. See our best tanning lotion for tanning beds.

1. How to get tanned and glowing skin?

Last year we were trying to make you shine all the time (and we will try as hard this year). Keeping that in mind, we created La Playa Instant Bronzer by Onyx. It guarantees an immediate and glowing tan. La Playa is the perfect tanning lotion for people with fair skin who are looking to give their skin a brown color just before a big night out. Last-minute tan? It’s possible now!

2. What is the best tingle tanning lotion?

We can say that we are famous when it comes to tingle tanning lotions. We were listed as having the best tingle tanning lotions for tanning beds. In this category, either Very Lexy Legs or Magma were named best tingle tanning lotion. Speaking of Magma… We couldn't forget about true tanning enthusiasts, and we have created something for the advanced tanners. Magma is a triple tanning bronzer with tingle effect. As the name suggests, it warms up the body and accelerates the tanning process.

For the bravest tanners, V8 has become number 1 among tanning tingles. You can read >> here! Hot Action also ranked here too!

3. How to tan your legs?

It’s sure been a real hit this year! X-Legs has won the hearts of customers all over the world. This ultra dark bronzer for tanning legs and hard-to-tan body parts has taken over the US market. It became a bestseller on Amazon and took 1st place in the Body Bronzers category as the most frequently chosen browning lotion. In addition to the amazing bronzing properties, X-Legs has active hair growth inhibitors, making your skin silky smooth and keeping unwanted hair growing back much slower.

4. How to protect your face in a tanning bed?

We have one of the best face tanning bed lotions in 2021 according to Anti-Aging is the queen! This 2 in 1 blend accelerates the tanning process and simultaneously enhances your sun-kissed look. We are very happy that you keep taking care of your face!

5. What tanning lotion do Americans use?

In addition to X-Legs, which had its premiere this year, the most popular tanning cosmetic in the US was... Tattoo. Are Americans fans of tattoos? Apparently, they are! Tattoo is a bronzing accelerator with an innovative formula that protects tattoos from fading. Tattoo by Onyx is also rich in nutrients that take care of your skin, ensuring its maximum hydration.

We are very grateful that you were with us this year. Thank you for this wonderful time and we hope you will not be disappointed in this next year! We promise that we will do our best to continue to help you achieve newer and newer bronzing experiences!

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