woman in protective glasses in a tanning bed - tanning tips for beginners

A lightly bronzed body looks very nice. In addition, a tan gently slims your figure. However, to achieve this effect, you need to prepare well for the process. We've prepared four tips on tanning in a tanning salon especially for you. Starting with basic tips for beginners, ending with choosing the right tanning lotions. Not only will you achieve a satisfying effect, take care of your health, but also make your dream color last longer on your skin. See our 4 Tanning Bed Tips For Beginners!

What should I keep in mind when tanning in a tanning bed -tanning tips for beginners

1. What you are wearing

You need to remember that your overall results depend on what you are wearing during your tanning session. Therefore, choose comfortable underwear. Moreover, this way you will also protect yourself from irritation or burns. This is because the skin in intimate areas is more sensitive.

2. Remember to wear your glasses

When it comes to tanning in tanning beds tips for beginners, you must know that it is very important because radiation without proper protection is very unhealthy for the eyes. In case you don't protect them properly. We have to remember that the human eye does not have the ability to create melanin cells on its own, so it cannot protect itself from radiation like the skin, for example.

3. You also need to know your skin type

This is an extremely important point, as this knowledge will give you an indication of your level of sensitivity to tanning. That is primarily about your individual phototype, or innate amount of melanin. This is the pigment responsible for the change in skin color when exposed to radiation. Therefore, it determines the ease of tanning and the danger of burns. When you know your skin type, you can adjust the length of sessions in a solarium more effectively and take better care of your health.

Tanning tips for beginners in tanning beds

4. Use professional tanning lotions for tanning beds

The last important thing to remember when it comes to tanning in a solarium is to use professional cosmetics. These products provide good protection and intensively care for the skin. They give fantastic results and make the beautiful chocolate color last longer. That is why we have prepared wonderful lotions especially for you, which will make the effect surpass your wildest expectations. One of them is VIBE Natural Tanning Accelerator. A unique combination of ingredients from nature provides moisturization, as well as smoothness and softness.

And the MYSTERY lotion with its collagen activator will give you a long-lasting tan. Additionally, for even better care, it contains components from the depths of the sea, precious oils, minerals, aloe vera and vitamin E, known as the vitamin of youth. Our other bestsellers are the double tanning lotion MEGA BRONZER and the cosmetic for the hard-to-tan parts of the body SEXY LEGS.

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Choose Onyx cosmetics and tan safely! We invite you to take advantage of our offer!

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