tanned body - how is a tan created?

Wondering how a tan is created? Well, theoretically the mechanism is the same, but in practice it depends a lot on the cosmetics you use for this purpose. A beautiful shade is created differently when you use bronzers or cosmetics with a tingle effect. 

A tan is the result of UV rays that penetrate our skin. They reach all the way to the connective tissue and dermis where the melanocytes - the cells that produce the pigment called "melanin" - are located. Through the bloodstream, it reaches the surface of the skin. As a result of a chemical reaction, the cells that are responsible for the pigment become dark in color, and a brown tint is produced on the skin. But how is a tan created with Onyx cosmetics?


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Bronzers stimulate the skin's bronzing process

Bronzers are cosmetics that stimulate the skin's bronzing process. UV. The substances contained in them give the skin a beautiful, even and healthy tan. Onyx professional cosmetics also contain anti-aging, firming and anti-cellulite ingredients which will take care of the condition of your skin. It is worth noting that the products are completely safe.

Cosmetics with a tingle effect

Cosmetics with a tingle effect are another way to get a beautiful tan. In fact, after applying this type of products to your skin you may have similar feelings. What is more, they are accompanied by a sensation of warming up the skin. This is due to unique ingredients which intensify micro-circulation and oxygenation in cells, thus accelerating the tanning process. 


If you want your skin to acquire a chocolate shade especially quickly, you will like special accelerators. Thanks to the fact that they stimulate the secretion of melanin, they allow you to get a captivating color without unnecessary waiting. This is a proposal for everyone who does not have time to go to a solarium too often and wants to get the dream effect on the skin as fast as possible! Onyx accelerators will pamper your skin with a wonderful texture and wonderful composition, providing it with softness and extra hydration.

Self-Tanning Products

Self-tanning foams are a separate category of products. We were designing this product for people who expect the effect of slightly darkened skin, without the need to go to a solarium or a beach. They have a pleasant foam consistency, which will appeal to people who do not like using moisturizers and lotions. It is important that Onyx products contain natural bronzing ingredients, which together with aloe vera, coconut and black rose extract will not only make your skin look beautiful, but also moisturize and soothe it.

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