tanned woman body - a perfect tan without any stains or streaks

How should a perfect tan look? Obviously, we do not mean the perfect shade of skin because that depends on individual preferences. Some desire to have a delicately tanned body, while others are after a chocolate color. That said, all tanning enthusiasts will agree on one thing - a perfect tan is even and stain- and streak-free, regardless of the shade.

How to get a perfect tan?

One of the main factors in getting the perfect tan is the right skincare. It is important to remember about body scrub, which will help remove dead epidermis from the skin surface. It is equally important to maintain proper skin hydration. Likewise, it will not only affect the condition of your skin, but also provide better tanning results.

How to apply tanning lotions for a perfect tan?

Have you ever taken care of how you apply tanning lotions? It’s actually crucial for tanning process! Tanning lotions should be applied with great care and accuracy so that the lotion works equally on the entire body surface. If you use too much lotion on one side, you will get an uneven tan and stains, which is exactly what you want to avoid.   

Bronzing cosmetics such as bronzers, bronzing accelerators and self-tanners should be applied with particular care. They usually have a dark consistency, so any unevenness or streaks will be visible almost immediately after application. 

We recommend that you apply bronzing products in circular movements, starting from the feet and slowly moving towards higher parts of your body. While doing so, you should observe your skin and make sure that no part have been missed. After applying the lotion, dry your hands thoroughly with a paper towel to avoid a dark brown or orange hue. It is necessary to wipe the inside of your hands and the space between the fingers with particular care - these are as that tend to color quickly. After application, wait a few minutes for the product to be absorbed. This way you will not wipe the cosmetic off the body or get anything on your clothes.

What tanning lotion should I choose?

Depending on what tanning lotion you prefer - bronzer, bronzing accelerator or accelerator- we recommend the best products that guarantee an even tan without any stains or streaks. 

Grand Cru - Tanning Accelerator and Tan Maximizer

Maybe you are an accelerator enthusiast? Then Grand Cru is just what you need! Grand Cru is an accelerator that maximizes tanning effects and deepens your brown skin tone. What’s interesting about Grand Cru is that it has an ultra-light and quickly absorbed formula. You don't have to worry about any stains or smudges  - the white color of the lotion protects against any unevenness. 

Black Cashmere - Black Bronzer

Let’s talk about bronzers. Is it possible to achieve an even tan while using black bronzers? If you follow all the rules, then it certainly is! The perfect dark bronzer that guarantees an even tan is Black Cashmere. It gives the skin a much darker shade with no stains or streaks even after the first tanning session.

He & She - Bronzing Accelerators for Him and Her

A tanning cosmetic that is particularly popular among men - He - is also streak-free. The same applies to She - bronzing accelerator for women, which additionally shapes the figure. The perfect option for couples who dream of an even tan!

Without streaks or stains

An even sun-kissed look is a must-have for all tanning enthusiasts. Remember that a lot depends not so much on the consistency and color of tanning lotions, but on you! If you take good care of your skin both before and after sunbathing and apply cosmetics to your body with care, then you will be able to enjoy the delightful effect of beautifully tanned skin. Forget about streaks and stains - sunbathe consciously with Onyx!  

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