tanning bed in a tanning salon - how to find a good tanning salon

It always starts with the search - tanning salon near me. But to find a good tanning salon? Every tanning salon is different with respect to interior decoration, available cosmetics, offers and the staff. From your own experience you know that staff’s competence and professionalism cannot be taken for granted in every salon. What should you pay attention to in order to choose a good tanning salon?

1. Good tanning salon - nice greeting

It is the very first sign of the attitude towards customers. You should feel comfortable and well taken care of. First impression matters, doesn’t it?

2. Professional advice

A professional staff member should inform you that particular diseases and taking some medicines are contraindications to tanning and may involve the risk of injury or allergic reaction. (This information should be available in the salon as well, e.g. as a poster.) Moreover, they should ask you about the frequency and duration of your tanning sessions so far.

3. The choice of the right bed and session duration

Professional staff should be able to adjust the length of the tanning session and the tanning bed or tube to your skin type and your expectations. This means informing you about the new bulbs and their power.

4. The choice of proper cosmetics for a good tanning salon

Although using cosmetics for indoor tanning is optional, be aware of the fact that they protect your skin against irritations and dryness. Additionally, they accelerate and enhance the effect of tanning. Professional staff should help you choose the best cosmetic for you.

5. Order and tidiness

A good solarium is a neat and clean one. The beds should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. A client should have easy access to all the accessories and conveniences, namely paper towels, mirrors, tanning goggles, hangers and makeup removers.

6. Nice goodbye

After the tanning session, you should be informed how to nourish your skin and when can you tan next time. As with saying hello, the moment you leave, you need to feel encouraged to come back and tan again.

If the salon you choose meets these requirements and you feel comfortable there, it is worth visiting again.

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