Women with a glowing skin thanks to a shimmer body lotion by Onyx

How to make your body skin glow?

A radiant complexion is a symbol of health and vitality. So, how do you improve your skin appearance and enjoy the perfect glow? Our shimmer body lotion will restore your skin glow after winter!

How to enhance your tan?

How to highlight tan skin? This question has popped up plenty of times in our customers’ messages. That is why we decided to create the perfect product for the coming summer! La Playa Tan & Glow is a shimmer body lotion with golden particles, which will not only give your skin a dazzling glow, but also emphasize the natural tan effect and extend your tan durability. How does our body highlighter work? Keep on reading to find out!

La Playa Tan & Glow Shimmer Body Lotion 

Onyx La Playa Tan and Glow Shimmer Body Lotion

This just in! La Playa Tan & Glow is a deeply moisturizing shimmer body lotion that will be perfect after each tanning session, both on the beach and in the solarium. By now you must already know the importance of skin moisturization. The shimmer body lotion is enriched with a nourishing formula of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil, which penetrates deep into your skin and leaves it soft. On top of that, as befits after sun lotions, our glowing body lotion also contains Aloe Vera soothing irritation and Vitamin E, which strengthens the epidermal barrier.

Okay, but what about illumination? Our shimmer body lotion contains golden particles that leave a real "glow" effect on the skin. Is there anything trendier? We don't think so! A tan goes perfectly hand in hand with gold. Imagine your skin glowing wonderfully in the sun.

We left the real gem for the end. Are you curious what it is? Brozn’Alg! Sounds mysterious? Brozn’Alg is a combination of brown algae extract and acetyl-tyrosine – ingredients that support skin pigmentation. This means that our shimmer body lotion is perfect for making your tan last.

Our shimmer body lotion can be used by both tanning enthusiasts and people who are just looking to give their body a golden glow.

The perfect holiday lotion? Of course! There’s a reason why this recipe was created on the sandy and sunny beaches of Miami, Florida.

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