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The summer season is fast approaching and you struggle with pale complexion? If you want to give your skin a sunny glow without leaving your home, we have great news for you! In today's article we will tell you how to get face tan without the sun or a visit to the tanning salon.

However, if you want to know how to safely tan your face in a tanning salon, click HERE!


How to use face tanning drops?

What are face tanning drops? Self tanning drops act as a self tanner specifically intended for the face, neck and cleavage. In addition to tanning properties, they are also rich in skin care ingredients, such as aloe vera, fruit extracts or hyaluronic acid. They provide deep hydration, nourishment and help fight the first signs of aging.


How tanning drops work?

To get the effect of a natural face tan, just add a few tanning drops for face to your favorite daily moisturizer, and then mix them together thoroughly. The amount of drops depends on the effect you want to achieve - the more you add, the darker the tan you will get. Remember to prepare and cleanse your skin before application, then apply the mixture evenly to the face. Thanks to this, you will prevent the formation of unsightly stains and streaks. It is also very important to wash your hands after applying the product.

As you can see, the use of face tanning drops is very simple, so you can easily include this step in your daily care routine.


What are the best tanning drops?

Our offer includes two types of self tanning drops - light/medium and medium/dark shade. You will find something that works great just for you!



How fast do tanning drops work?

Tanning drops work faster than a standard self tanner! You can notice the first effects just one hour after applying the product. Do face tanning drops work? Yes, the results are so glamorous that they can be the perfect replacement for your daily makeup! These best tanning drops will not only take care of your complexion, but also cover all imperfections and even out your skin tone. No more heavy foundations during the hot summer!


What can I use to tan my face without leaving home?

Self tanning drops are not the only way to tan face without sun, you can also use other proven methods to get a natural looking effect. To tell the truth, the easiest and fastest way is to use bronzing powders or lotions (cocoa being the base ingredient). Unfortunately, simplicity does not go hand in hand with a long lasting effect - the tan lasts only until you remove the makeup or take a bath.

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