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There are many methods to get a beautiful tan. Some people prefer to go to a tanning bed, others - to smear themselves with a self-tanner, and others do both. And that's perfectly all right! We create our cosmetics in such a way as to suit the preferences of each of you!

Alternatives to tanning bed 

In our offer you will also find products that are suitable for people who for some reasons can not do indoor tanning, or simply prefer to tan at home!

These are products that can be applied completely on their own without tanning in a tanning bed. They contain molecules of dihydroxyacetone, which react with epidermal proteins, resulting in skin coloring. The effect appears very quickly, already after 6-8 hours. If the self-tanner is in the form of a foam, it is also called self-tanning foam.

In our Onyx store, we offer it in the form of the cosmetic SUNL'Essence - Self Tanning Body Mousse  in two shades and 1 Hour Express.

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Indoor Tanning - best tanning lotions

Indoor tanning is quite popular. And no wonder, tanning sessions improve mood, while the light of lamps supports to some extent the production of vitamin D3. In addition, it's a great way to beat the autumn and winter blues, while the satisfaction of looking good on your body makes you feel even better.


One of the types of cosmetics we offer in our range are bronzers. As a result of reaction with amino acids they help to get a more durable tan than self-tanners. An example of a bronzer is Onyx Black Caviar, which by the way perfectly moisturizes and brightens the skin.

Tanning Accelerators

Do you want your skin to acquire a chocolate shade especially quickly? Try the right tanning accelerator. It works by stimulating the secretion of melanin so you don't have to wait a long time for your dream body color. Onyx Mystery Tanning Intensifier will also pamper your skin with its wonderful texture, guaranteeing it perfect softness and optimal hydration.

Bronzing Accelerators

Our offer also includes bronzing accelerators which are a unique combination of accelerators and bronzers. The composition consisting of DHA, erythrulose and tyrosine as well as tanning accelerators ensures an effective tan which develops quickly and pleases the skin for a long time. Examples of bronzing accelerators are Onyx Magnifique, as well as Noir Noir, Tattoo or She.

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