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Our tanning lotion is the best… Wait, what? Yes! That’s right! X-Legs has turned out to be the best Hot New Release in the Body Bronzers category on Amazon. No wonder - X-Legs is one of the most popular indoor tanning lotions for legs with a hair growth inhibitor. It contains a rich formula that speeds up tanning and leaves your legs smooth for longer!


It’s time for X-Legs! Our indoor tanning lotion is not only the best Hot New Release but also a Bestseller on Amazon. It means that X-Legs is the most popular tanning lotion for indoor tanning beds chosen by you! We are very excited about that and we are happy that you like our product that much!

 X-Legs is a bestseller

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What is so special about X-Legs Bronzer for Legs?

Formulated with an exclusive blend to make every tanning session special. It dries quickly, so you won’t have to worry about staining your favorite t-shirt! X-Legs bronzing formula is especially darkening for the legs and hard-to-tan body parts. It tans your legs in just one day thanks to our exclusive tanning ingredients.

Perfectly tanned legs

X-Legs contains all natural bronzing ingredients such as DHA, Caramel, and Erythrulose. This ultra-dark bronzer is made especially for the legs, but it can also be used also on every part of the body for outdoor and indoor tanning. It speeds up the tanning process and intensifies the brown tone of the skin.

Hair growth inhibitors - what are they and how do they work?

Our X-Legs contains active hair growth inhibitors which make hair soft and less visible for an extend period of time, so you don’t have to shave that often. You will stay smoother for longer with our hydrating hair inhibitor in X-Legs! It comes with many advantages - first, it’s convenient and time-saving, second–there’s no need to expose the skin to irritation, and third - it extends the durability of your tan.

Note: Hair inhibitors tend to work a little better for those with lighter hair rather than dark but use it and see on your own no matter what.

Smooth and soft skin

X-Legs is like Heaven for your skin! Precious oils improve the overall appearance of the skin, covering all imperfections and leaving it silky smooth. No wonder our customers are calling X-legs leg makeup. In addition, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Cocoa Butter provide a high level of hydration and nourishment. An advanced blend of anti-cellulite oils helps to improve skin texture and keep it looking young. It’s the perfect tanning lotion, isn’t it?

Try it out now and show off your results!

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